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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1600 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1600

Jun thumped the bed and laughed: “If your mother heard your answer, she would be heartbroken.”

Robert didn’t know what he was talking about, so he stared blankly at him, and then he grabbed the small biscuits to eat.

After a while, Avery came upstairs.

Jun told Avery what happened just now, and Avery explained with a smile: “he still doesn’t understand such a complicated question. He can only understand whether to eat or drink, this kind of simple. “

“I see. No wonder Robert looked at me like a fool when I was laughing just now.” Jun blushed.

“Hahaha, he doesn’t have so many inner dramas yet!” Avery put away the biscuits in Robert’s hand, and then picked up his son, “Let’s go down and play!”

Avery went downstairs, and Elliot immediately looked at her: “Avery, why don’t you come and play! I’ll take the child.”

Tammy laughed: “Avery said that you want to sleep when you play cards. Is the hypnotic effect so good?”

“Once you lose, what should you do if you get angry?” Elliot told the truth, “Forget it, let me play. Avery comes up, and I don’t dare to mess with your cards.”

“I really don’t like listening to you, the money I won. I won it all by my strength.” Tammy was indignant, “I’m an expert in playing playing-cards!”

Jun said, “Tammy, ​​why don’t I play! You’ve been sitting for a long time, so you should be tired. You go lie down and rest for a while.”

Tammy’s interest was almost defeated by Elliot, so she stood up from the chair: “Jun, you are not allowed to let the water go! You will sleep on the sofa tonight or on the bed, You can figure it out yourself!”

Mary, who had been watching Elliot playing cards, interjected at this time: “Tammy, ​​Elliot has indeed not played your cards many times. You can win money, and it’s all because of him.”

Tammy : “…”

Tammy was a little sleepy at first, but after listening to her mother’s words, she suddenly felt refreshed.

“Tammy, ​​come and eat some fruit.” Avery called her over.

“Avery, didn’t you sleep last night? It’s so noisy here, how can you sleep at noon?” Tammy walked over to her and sat down, taking the cut fruit to eat.

Avery: “I slept pretty well last night. Maybe I didn’t work recently, so I slept a little too much.”

“Me too! You guys are here today, so I’m not very sleepy. I’ll definitely have to take a nap if I change my usual schedule.” Tammy said.

“Who bought your travel magazine? It’s pretty good.” Avery picked up the magazine and showed it to Tammy.

Tammy: “My mom ordered it. My mom likes to travel. She has a sister group, and when my dad is busy, she goes out with the sister group.”

In the evening, Avery’s family returned home.

Avery asked Elliot to take a bath.

“Washing so early?” Elliot glanced at the time, it wasn’t 8 p.m.

Avery: “You said you were sleepy during the day, aren’t you sleepy now?”

“You won’t be so sleepy after the poker table. Where did Layla and Hayden go during the day today?” Elliot asked.

Avery: “I went to a nearby wetland park to play. There were many wild birds in that park. They took a lot of photos. The park was very big. They entered through the main entrance, exited through the other door, and went far away.”

Elliot: “Then they were probably tired from walking today.”

“Layla was tired from walking, Hayden was okay.” Avery said this, and immediately walked towards Robert who was pulling Layla to play, “Robert, mother wanted to play you. Your sister is too tired today. I asked her to take a bath and rest.”

Layla shrugged, “My brother asked me to play with him with his toys. His toys are too childish, and my brother doesn’t want to play with his toys with him.”

Avery: “Well, Layla go and take a shower!”

“Mom, I want You help me take a bath. I’m so tired woohoo!” Layla grabbed Avery’s arm and acted like a spoiled child.

Elliot immediately came over and picked Robert up: “Avery, you go and take Layla for a bath! I’ll take Robert.”

Robert wanted to play with toys and played with Elliot for a while.

After that Avery took Layla to take a bath.

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