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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1599 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1599

Avery was so happy that she was dizzy.

At lunch, Jun returned from his New Year’s greetings.

“I said that there are distinguished guests at my house today, and they don’t dare to keep me, hahaha!” Jun sat down beside Tammy with an expression of ‘how witty I am’.

Tammy said, “Call two people to play playing-cards with Elliot later. I am one, he is the other, and I will call for two more powerful players.”

Jun: “Are you sure you can sit for a long time? Or me? Come on!”

Tammy: “If you go, you must have deliberately poured water on him. I won’t let you go! I want to win his money!”

Jun: “Tammy, ​​Brother Elliot is a guest today…”

Tammy: “Avery and the three children are the guests, and he was brought by Avery.”

Jun closed his mouth.

If he goes on, he will make Elliot more embarrassed.

After lunch, Jun called for two people to play cards with Elliot.

Elliot knew that this was Avery’s game, so he happily went to the poker table.

Avery watched Elliot’s play for a while by his side, and found that he was skilled, but… he was not very lucky.

He can’t always get a good card.

Avery couldn’t help saying to Tammy, “Tammy, your wish will definitely come true. His hands are too dark haha!”

“Avery, your husband lost money, are you so happy?” Jun answered. He sat beside Tammy and watched Tammy play cards.

“As long as Tammy is happy, as long as she can lose.” Avery said with a smile, then walked to the sofa next to her and sat down.

Robert fell asleep.

Layla took Hayden to play outside. She was not worried at all because there were bodyguards with her.

She took out a magazine from the beside the sofa. It was a travel magazine. The picture on the cover was very beautiful, which instantly attracted her.

At 2:00 in the afternoon, Avery fell asleep on the sofa.

After a while, Robert woke up, crying.

Jun was afraid that Robert would wake Avery to sleep, so he immediately carried Robert upstairs and took him to play.

Fortunately, Robert was very generous, so Jun gave him something to play with, and he stopped crying.

“Robert is such a good baby. Uncle brought you baby biscuits. Your auntie Tammy went to buy it for you last night.” Jun quickly took the baby biscuits and opened them.

Seeing the baby biscuits, Robert immediately put down the toy in his hand.

Jun laughed as he watched Robert reach into the cookie box and skillfully grab the biscuits to eat.

Jun: “Robert, you are so satisfied.”

Robert concentrated on eating biscuits and didn’t answer.

“Robert, do you like your father or your mother most?” Jun deliberately chatted with him and made fun of him.

Robert finished eating the biscuits in his hand, and replied in a milky voice: “Mom.”

“Then do you like mom or sister the most?”

Robert opened his eyes as bright as black gems, then answered: “Sister.”

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