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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1598 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1598 by Desirenovel

The father and son just got tough in front of someone else’s house.

Hayden felt that it didn’t matter, he had always been ruthless when he spoke to Elliot.

Elliot was a little embarrassed.

Being so disrespectful to his son in front of outsiders… that’s all, his son has never given him face, he’ll just get used to it.

Seeing Elliot’s embarrassment, Thiago comforted: “This is the case with families that have a son. It will be fine when he is older.” After a pause, Thiago continued, “My in-laws told me that Jun was always naughty when he was a child. The two still fight often. How good are you now?”

Before Elliot could speak, Thiago added: “But I still think my daughter is good. Our little sweets have always been our family’s pistachios since she was a child. She didn’t make us angry. She’s very good!”

Elliot: “My daughter Layla is also very good.”

“I can see it. Your daughter is not only good, but also versatile. It’s amazing. I heard that her academic performance is also very good.”

Elliot said, “Don’t be envious, when Tammy has a daughter, maybe she will be so good.”

Thiago said, “Although my daughter is good, I still hope she can have a son…”

“Dad! New Year’s Eve, please don’t make me angry.” Tammy frowned.

“Why did I make you angry when you gave birth to a son?” Thiago smiled, “Of course, I’m also happy when you give birth to a daughter. I’m happy with anything you have, haha.”

Avery comforted Tammy in a low voice: “You don’t need to be angry with your father. The old people are all thinking of the older generation, you can’t change their thinking, and they won’t treat you with their ideas.”

“I know, it just sounds annoying.” Tammy murmured softly, “Don’t they regret not having a son? Besides, I’m not a tool person to give birth to a child.”

Avery: “Why does your father treat you as a tool for giving birth? Don’t think too much about it. You are pregnant now, so you need to maintain a stable mood.”

Tammy: “Aren’t you angry that Elliot beat you up like this? If Jun beat me up like this, I’d have to peel him off. Even if it wasn’t intentional, it wouldn’t work.”

Avery: “Elliot apologized to me.”

Tammy: “What’s the use of apology, you’re really soft.”

“You’re hard-mouthed. If it really happened to you, you wouldn’t really take the skin off.” Avery pierced her words, ” Yesterday he went to my uncle’s house and played playing-cards all day. He took a bath and fell asleep at night. He said that playing playing-cards is more tiring than shopping outside.”

Tammy said, “Hahaha! Do you want me to arrange a game for him? Yes. I will accompany him to fight. I’ll call two people to fight after dinner!”

Avery: “Yes.”

Tammy: “Would you like to ask him first, if he doesn’t “

“I told him to hit them. He has been listening to me these days.” Avery glanced at Elliot, “My head injury is not good for a day, and he won’t feel at ease for a day.”

Tammy: “Understood. Then I’ll make arrangements later. What about you? Do you want to fight?”

“I want to watch the child. Robert is more noisy now.” Avery said.

Tammy: “I think Robert is very good.”

Tammy’s voice was settled, and Robert picked up the small teapot on the coffee table. Because he couldn’t hold it firmly, the teapot accidentally fell to the ground.

Avery sighed: “I said it, he didn’t look at him for a while, and he started making trouble.”

“Hahaha! Children are curious about everything, so it’s not making trouble. I think it’s cute.” Tammy took the lead and walked in front of Robert, “Robert baby, Auntie Tammy will take you to get a lighter teapot. This teapot is too heavy!”

Thiago loves to drink tea and has a collection of tea sets at home.

Robert immediately followed Tammy to find the teapot.

Avery sighed helplessly and said to her daughter, “Auntie Tammy is too used to your brother.”

Layla: “Because Auntie Tammy is our godmother. Of course she spoils us.”

Avery: “Well, your father will call you later. Mom will play playing-cards with you.”

“Mom, if you want to play playing-cards, you can play it too! My brother and I can bring Robert to play.” Layla said.

Avery: “Mom isn’t very good at playing playing-cards.”

Layla: “It’s fine if you don’t know how to play playing-cards. If it’s a big deal, just lose some money. I’ll give you all my New Year’s money.” Layla said proudly, and from her small bag, Take out the red envelope that Tammy gave today.

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