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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1597 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1597 by Desirenovel

“Gwen, you are so beautiful now. I suddenly feel that my son is not worthy of you.” Juniper complimented.

Ben Schaffer coughed sharply.

“Auntie, you’re joking, for things like relationships, the main thing is fate. There’s nothing worthy of it.” Gwen said politely.

“Gwen, what you said is really good. I think you and my son have a good relationship.” Juniper said with a wily attitude.

Gwen had a calm smile on her face: “Auntie, when do you think I will be popular?”

Juniper: “…”

Russell whispered to his wife: “Don’t talk nonsense, look What Gwen means is that I don’t look down on our son.”

Gwen heard Russell’s words clearly, and decided to ease the embarrassment: “Uncle, no. I don’t look down on Ben Schaffer. Ben Schaffer is so good, he is not only rich, but…”

The three members of the Schaffer family stared at Gwen at the same time. They were waiting for her to continue complimenting.

But her brain was short-circuited. Apart from her wealth, she couldn’t think of any other advantages she could boast about.

“Anyway, he’s very rich, that’s enough.” Gwen forced her own words.

The two elders of the Schaffer family looked at their son with undisguised disappointment in their eyes.

They had the same idea as Gwen.

Ben Schaffer was nothing but money now.

Ben Schaffer was a little angry: “Gwen, how can you join my parents’ camp? The two of them told me, I’m already heartbroken…”

Gwen: “I thought I was complimenting you, you will be happy.”

Ben Schaffer: “You are exaggerating and demeaning! Don’t think I can’t hear it.”

Gwen shrugged helplessly: “If you have to think so, I can’t do anything about it.”

At 10:00 in the morning, Avery’s family came to Tammy’s house.

“Is Jun not here?” Avery didn’t see Jun, so she asked.

“He went to pay New Year’s greetings to his relatives. There were so many relatives in his family that his parents couldn’t come to pay New Year’s greetings.” Tammy explained, “Avery, my nausea has been relieved a lot these past two days. I couldn’t help it this morning. I ate two bowls of porridge.”

“Even if you have a good appetite, you should eat less. Otherwise, what if you eat too much and vomit?” Avery said.

“Okay, I’ll eat less at noon.” Tammy pulled her and turned her around, “I heard that you were punched by Elliot, let me see…F*ck! It’s serious! Ah!”

Tammy exclaimed when she saw the wound.

“Tammy, ​​don’t be surprised, be careful to scare the baby in your belly.” Avery glanced at Elliot out of the corner of his eyes.

He was already starting to get embarrassed. Originally he was sitting and drinking tea with Thiago, but now his eyes are looking straight at them.

“The little guy in my stomach has just formed. How could it hear what we said?” Tammy said nonchalantly, “Your injury is so serious, did you go to the hospital?”

“The doctor has seen it. I also applied the medicine. It looks serious, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Avery said this lightly, and shifted the topic to the baby again, “Do you want it to be a boy or a girl?”

Tammy: “Of course I hope It’s a girl. What a beautiful girl! your daughter is cute and sensible! If I had a son and quarreled with me, I wouldn’t be mad at him?”

Avery saw Hayden’s face changed.

Tammy followed her line of sight, met Hayden’s gloomy face, and immediately explained: “Hayden! Don’t think about it! You are arguing with your father to protect your mother, if I have such a good son, I would wake up laughing in my dreams.”

At this time, Elliot said, “Hayden has always been my pride.”

Hayden said, “Unfortunately, you are not my pride.”

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