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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1596 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1596 by Desirenovel

“You didn’t beat me seriously. You see I’m fine now.” Avery listened to his self-blaming tone, looked at his guilty eyes, and became more and more afraid to tell him about her illness.

Elliot: “Don’t block other men’s fists in the future. No one deserves this except children.”

“I see.” Avery did regret it.

Avery didn’t think about it that much when she blocked Mike’s fist. If she could have thought at the time that she had undergone surgery and could not have been hit hard, she would never have done that.

After turning off the lights, she lay in bed, unable to sleep.

Elliot fell asleep quickly. He played playing-cards at his uncle’s house for a day today. He said that he was very sleepy at the time and kept his spirits high.

Mainly, the people from his uncle’s side were strangers to him.

Besides, he didn’t like playing playing-cards much at all. He could play with acquaintances for a while, and it was boring to play with unfamiliar people.

Avery opened her eyes and looked into the dimly lit room, replaying what happened in the hospital today in her mind.

Her psychological endurance is actually quite strong, especially for birth, old age, sickness and death, she has already made sufficient psychological preparations. She also knew very well what her illness was like.

Her current brain hemorrhage was caused by a severe blow, not a tumor, so she may not need a craniotomy.

Her eyes suddenly darkened before because the optic nerve had been compressed before, but she didn’t find it, and the optic nerve never returned to normal.

–She thought about the worst, no matter how bad it was, her life was not threatened.

–Blindness at most.

–Blindness sounds scary, but it’s actually not that scary.

–Even if She’s blind, She can restore light with a cornea transplant.

After sorting out the matter in her mind, she felt that there was no need to tell Elliot about it.

If Avery told him, Elliot would definitely feel that everything was caused by him, and he would definitely blame himself even more.

The next day, Avery got up early and went to the children’s room to choose clothes for Layla.

“Mom, are you happy to go to Auntie Tammy’s house today?” Layla, with long messy hair, sat beside the bed, and said leisurely, “I went to Uncle Mike’s house before, and went to Uncle Eric’s house, you both Not so positive.”

Avery was a little embarrassed when her daughter saw through her mind: “Auntie Tammy is my best friend.”

Avery: “Aren’t Uncle Mike and Uncle Eric your best friend?”

“It’s different. Tammy Auntie is my best friend, and your Uncle Mike and Uncle Eric are also my good friends, but they are not best friends.” Avery brought out a new dress and put it on for her daughter.

Layla: “Mom, if you say something like this, if Uncle Mike and Uncle Eric find out, they will be sad.”

Avery: “It’s better if you don’t tell them.”

“Then give me a kiss, and I’ll help you keep it a secret.” Layla demanded.

Avery immediately kissed her soft cheek.

Schaffer family.

Gwen came to pay New Year’s greetings with a generous gift.

When the two elders of the Schaffer family saw her, their eyes suddenly lit up.

Gwen’s hair was tied into a high ponytail, revealing a clean and confident face.

It was completely different from the last time they met.

The two elders had heard that Gwen was living in Elliot’s house now, so they assumed that Elliot had already recognized this sister.

They naturally hope that Ben Schaffer can form a family with Gwen.

“Uncle, aunt, Happy New Year.” Gwen said cautiously.

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  1. Oh my god …being someone with medical knowledge the conditions explained in this novel is too irritating and not logical…but still i m addicted to this novel…what a pitty!

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