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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1589 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1589 by Desirenovel

Elliot: “Didn’t you say you would eat with me?”

“I’ll play with the child for a while.” Avery looked at her daughter’s tearful eyes, and her heart melted.

Elliot nodded and went to the dining room. After he walked away, Hayden immediately said gloomily: “Mom, why are you lying? It was Elliot who hurt you.”

Avery explained, “Hayden, he didn’t do it on purpose. If we told him to his face, he would be very sad.”

“Let him teach him a lesson.” Hayden’s voice did not decrease deliberately, so Elliot could hear it clearly in the dining room.

Layla pursed her lips, clenched her fists, and cried in her voice: “Dad is such a careless scoundrel. Mom, you also knock a bump on his head.”

Avery sighed: “You, Uncle Mike, knock him for me. Yes. Your father also has a bump on his head.”

Layla stopped crying: “It’s not too bad.”

“Mom, if you’re not full, then go eat.” Hayden said.

“Well…how do you know it was your father who did it?” Avery remembered that she didn’t tell her son about her injury last night.

“Uncle Mike said that Elliot punched you last night. They said you had a head injury just now, so I guessed it naturally.” Hayden said the reason.

“He didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t blame him.” Avery looked at Hayden and Layla with a pleading tone, “Now for the New Year, let’s not be unhappy about such trivial things. Tomorrow you go to Uncle Eric’s house, and I won’t go. Your father won’t go with you either, he’s going to pay my uncle’s New Year’s greetings for me.”

Avery said that for this reason, the two children could only endure this matter and not go to Elliot to settle accounts.

Because Avery was injured, Layla became extra sensible.

After she took a bath, she ran to find Avery.

Layla: “Mom, your injury is on the back of your head. You must not have enough medicine. Let me help you.”

Avery was very relieved: “Baby, the smell of medicine is rather pungent. Mom can ask Dad to help.”

“Oh, Mom, I feel so hurt. You must be lying to me that you don’t hurt.” Layla looked at her distressed.

Avery couldn’t continue to lie to her daughter: “Mom whispered to you, mom does have a little pain. But mom doesn’t want you to worry. Don’t tell your brother, okay?”

Layla pursed her mouth and snorted. She doesn’t know whether to agree or not.

After a while, Elliot came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and Layla immediately ran out of the master bedroom. She went back to the children’s room, closed the door, and immediately told her brother: “Brother! Mom said her head hurt. Mom didn’t want us to worry, so she said she didn’t have a headache.”

“Mom was lied.” Hayden frowned.

Hayden saw his mother’s injury in the evening, and he could see that it was very painful by looking at the wound.

“Brother, what should we do? Mom won’t go to the hospital, what if the wound gets worse woohoo?” Layla was anxious.

“Elliot will go out for New Year’s greetings tomorrow, and I will take my mother to the hospital.” Hayden said, “I can’t accompany you to Uncle Eric’s house tomorrow.”

Layla nodded obediently: “Okay brother. You must take your mother to the hospital for a good checkup. My mother is really ignorant, so she wouldn’t go to the hospital if it was so serious.”

“She was afraid that Elliot would feel guilty, so she pretended that she didn’t feel any pain.” Hayden expressed her mother’s thoughts.

Layla sighed: “Being an adult has to think about so many things, it’s really tiring… It’s better to be a child. If you’re not happy, you can cry.”

“Go to sleep first. I’ll help mom register.” Hayden moved the room, Turned off the light, turned on the small light on his side, and then turned on the phone.

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