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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1588 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1588 by Desirenovel

Avery didn’t want to see Rebecca at all, and she didn’t want to see their child born, and then came here.

If the child is really found in the future, Avery should not be able to turn her away cruelly. However, she would never let Elliot see the child. At least now she’s not so generous.

“Let’s turn the matter over here. In the future, you’d better do as we said earlier.” Avery put an end to the matter, “Elliot, if you were me, you wouldn’t necessarily be as generous as me.”

“I know. Avery, thank you.” Elliot looked at her gratefully, “I won’t be confused in the future.”

“Well. Get up, let’s go down together.” Avery planned to accompany him to eat more.

At that time, Avery ate alone and didn’t have any appetite. Now that she has resolved the conflict with him, she feels a little hungry.

After Elliot got up, he walked to the bathroom and washed his face.

“Did the kids have fun today?” Elliot asked.

Avery teased, “Do I need to ask this question? Their relationship with Mike is much better than with you. Tomorrow they will go to Eric’s place, will you go?”

“What about you?” Elliot washed his face and came out of the bathroom , “I’ll go wherever you go.”

“How can I go out like this?” Avery looked distressed, “I want to go out to play, but I also want to save face. I’m still not going out.”

Elliot asked, “Your mother’s side Relatives, do you need to go to New Year’s greetings? If necessary, I can go there instead of you.”

Avery: “I have an uncle. After my mother and my father divorced, I lived in my uncle’s house. Although my mother and my aunt have a bad relationship, but after all, my mother has lived in their house for many years…”

Elliot said, “Okay, I will go to pay their New Year’s greetings tomorrow. Do they have children? What should I pay attention to?”

Seeing that Elliot was a little nervous, Avery couldn’t help laughing: “No need to pay attention. Just bring some gifts over there. He seems to have a granddaughter… It seems that he has another grandson. Just prepare a few red envelopes. Now.”

Elliot: “Okay.”

Avery wanted to say ‘if you don’t want to stay there for dinner, you can come back with a gift’, but she held back and didn’t say so.

“My uncle should let you eat.” Avery reminded, “If you don’t want to…”

Elliot said, “It’s fine, I can eat at your uncle’s house. Besides your uncle, there are other relatives who need it. New Year’s greetings?”

Avery shook her head: “My grandparents have passed away, my father’s relatives like Wanda very much, so I don’t communicate with them anymore.”

The two talked and quickly went downstairs.

“Mom! I heard that you have an injury on your head. Hurry up and show it to me.” Layla felt depressed when Mrs. Scarlet and Mrs. Cooper said about Avery’s head injury.

Avery blushed, and quickly explained: “Layla, mom is all right. I took the medicine this morning, and it doesn’t hurt much now.”

“What’s the matter, Mom?” Sitting down, Layla pulled her hair a bit, and soon saw the wound, “Woooooo! Mom, how did you grow such a big bump.”

Layla cried as she spoke.

Avery hugged her daughter into her arms in pain.

“Don’t cry, baby. Mom accidentally bumped into the wall. The doctor came to see you Mom today, and the doctor said that it will be cured by rubbing the medicine.”

“Which wall did you hit? I’m going to remove the wall.” Layla angrily said.

Avery couldn’t help laughing, “It’s your mom who was careless, I don’t blame the wall.”

Elliot wanted to admit that he did it by himself, but when he heard his daughter say that he was going to ‘remove the wall’, he immediately shut up.

“Elliot, what are you doing standing here? Didn’t you say you were hungry?” Avery looked at Elliot and asked him to eat.

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