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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1585 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1585 by Desirenovel

Avery was not used to eating breakfast alone. So she asked: “Did Adrian also go out to pay New Year’s greetings?”

Mrs. Scarlet said, “Shea and Wesley came to pick him up in the morning to go out to play.”

Avery: “Shea and Wesley have been here?”

“Well. They are going to go skiing today, so they Call Adrian to play together.” Mrs. Scarlet said this, with pity in her eyes, “Otherwise Adrian is alone and looks a bit pitiful.”

Avery: “He can also go to New Year’s with Hayden and the others.”

Mrs. Scarlet: ” Do you know where they are going to celebrate the New Year today?”

“Where?” Avery asked in surprise.

“Mike’s place.” The smile on Mrs. Scarlet’s face could not hide the sadness in her eyes, “Where do you have relatives? sir, and your relatives don’t have much contact there?”

Mrs. Scarlet’s words made Avery stunned.

“Adrian does have a brother, but unfortunately his eldest brother is not a thing.” The smile on Mrs. Scarlet’s face disappeared completely, “but fortunately they are a little self-aware. After the husband came back, they didn’t come back to ask for trouble.”

Avery answered After speaking, she said, “Mike drank too much last night. They went to Mike’s place to celebrate the New Year today…”

Mrs. Scarlet said, “The child can’t stay at home. Layla is making a fuss about going out to play, Hayden only Take her out. Mrs. Cooper will come with you, at least to have food. You don’t have to worry.”

Avery: “Well.”

“They will go to Eric’s house tomorrow to pay New Year’s greetings.” Mrs. Scarlet said, “Layla called Eric this morning. Do you want to go with the child tomorrow?”

Avery thought of the injury on her head…

She can’t wash her hair now, and she needs to rub medicine on her head, which has a pungent smell of medicine, and really doesn’t want to go out to see people.

Avery: “let’s talk tomorrow!”

Mrs. Scarlet: “Well, is the injury on your head okay?”

Avery: “It’s alright.”

Mrs. Scarlet whispered, “Avery, Mr. Foster blames himself. I came out at seven in the morning and saw Mr. Foster was drinking coffee in the living room. I guess he didn’t sleep all night. He blamed himself more than anyone else for hurting you.”

“I know.” After Avery finished speaking, Mrs. Scarlet saw Elliot approaching, so she immediately retreated.

After breakfast, Avery went back to the room.

Elliot followed closely.

“You didn’t sleep last night?” Avery asked.

Elliot: “Sleep.”

“You lied. Mrs. Scarlet said she saw you drinking coffee in the living room early in the morning.” Avery exposed him.

Elliot: “Didn’t you lie to the doctor too? I did the wound on your head, you don’t have to save face for me.”

Avery: “Are you proud?”

“Do you look proud of me?” Elliot tone was soft Come down, “what are you going to do today?”

Avery: “don’t worry about what I do, you go to bed now.”

“Oh.” Elliot planned to go back to his room to sleep, but he was thinking about her, “Avery, did you go to bed last night? You said we’ll talk today.”

Avery retorted, “Did I say that? Didn’t I say we’ll talk after the New Year? But you can talk now if you want.”

Elliot: “Then let’s talk now.”

If Elliot doesn’t talk about it, he won’t sleep well. After taking a bath last night, he wanted to go to the guest room to sleep, but he never felt sleepy.

On the one hand, he had a conflict with Avery and felt guilty. On the other hand, Avery was accidentally injured, and the guilt doubled.

Back in the bedroom, Avery opened the window to let in the cold air.

“Aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?” The two of them were wearing thin clothes, and the moment the cold air came in, they could clearly feel the coldness.

“I’m afraid you won’t wake up.” Avery teased.

“I’m very awake.” Elliot sat down beside the bed and looked at her with scarlet eyes. “We will not divorce or separate, but we will raise three children together.”

Avery: “If that kid Rebecca came to you in the future, what would you do?”

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