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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1578 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1578 by Desirenovel

Avery heard the words and walked towards the dining room.

“Okay, stop drinking.” Avery said this to Mike, “you should go back.”

Ben Schaffer immediately stood up when he heard this: “Didn’t you say there is only one driver? Let the driver take me back first. I’m so sleepy, I have to go home.”

Ben Schaffer immediately rushed out of the dining room after getting off the table.

Mike blushed and strode after him, “Send me back first. I don’t want to live here. This is not Avery’s home.”

“Do you understand? I said it first, so send me back first.” Ben Schaffer pushed Mike away.

Mike drank too much, was top-heavy, staggered and almost fell.

Avery quickly supported him: “I’ll take you back.”

“Avery, you still treat me well.” Mike moved his hand and put it on her shoulder.

Behind them, Elliot looked at them with scarlet eyes.

Elliot drank the least, but he was the worst, so he was more drunk than Mike and Ben Schaffer.

When Avery was helping Mike to leave, Elliot strode forward and grabbed Avery’s arm.

Elliot: “You take care of me at home.”

He drank too much and felt uncomfortable, but Avery didn’t even give him a look.

Now that all three children have returned to the room, Avery no longer has to hide her anger and dissatisfaction with him.

If it wasn’t for what happened last night, Avery would never let him drink so much alcohol today, and she would never send Mike home when he was drunk, regardless of his feelings.

Avery felt that her arm was about to be broken by him.

Seeing this, Mrs. Scarlet immediately came over and persuaded: “Avery, you can ask the bodyguard to take Mike back. Go and take care of Mr. Foster.”

Avery nodded, then looked at Mike: “The bodyguard will take you back.”

“Avery, I want you to take me back.” Mike was stubborn and deliberately competed with Elliot secretly.

From the corner of Avery’s eyes, she saw Elliot’s face gloomy.

They both drank too much and had no sense at all. Avery was sandwiched between them, as if wrapped in two flames.

Under normal circumstances, she would not have such a headache.

“I have to ask you to take me there. Isn’t there a servant at home? You can let the servant take care of him!” Mike and Avery argued for it, and grabbed her arm, wanting to pull her away.

Elliot, like a gust of wind, quickly walked in front of them, blocking their way.

“Let go of her.” Elliot warned Mike, “She is my wife.”

“Haha! She is your wife today, maybe not tomorrow.” Mike not only did not let go, but also provocatively said, “The marriage certificate counts. What a piece of sh*t! It’s just a piece of paper.”

Elliot was instantly furious. He raised his fist and waved it in Mike’s direction.

Avery didn’t even think about it, and immediately blocked in front of Mike.

When Elliot realized the problem, it was too late.

He punched Avery on the head.

This punch caused a white light to explode in Avery’s mind. Then the pain spread to the limbs and bones!

“F*ck! Elliot, you idiot. Who the h-e-l-l are you beating. You’re going to die.” Mike was half sober, and immediately pushed Avery away and rushed towards Elliot.

And Elliot’s wine has completely woken up.

He ignored Mike and directly pulled Avery’s swaying body.

Mike’s fist quickly swung towards Elliot. Elliot’s feet were unstable, and when he fell to the side, he dragged Avery and fell over together.

Fortunately, Elliot quickly stabilized his body, and Avery bumped into his arms.

Mike was not relieved, he chased after him, grabbed Avery’s arm, wanted to pull her away, and continued to teach Elliot a lesson.

Just when Avery was about to say ‘don’t fight’, a loud voice came: “What are you doing!”

Hayden’s voice was low and powerful.

His voice was settled, and he strode towards his mother.

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