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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1575 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1575 by Desirenovel

“Adrian, I’m a very good model now. When I become a professional model, I’ll be able to make a lot of money.” Gwen said to him in a showy tone, “I hope you can become a model one day. A normal person can marry a daughter-in-law.”

Adrian’s face turned red.

This question, he was embarrassed to answer.

“Gwen, you are so funny.” Ben Schaffer couldn’t help laughing beside him.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” Gwen heard his voice and looked at him immediately, “Didn’t you say you want to go back to make up for sleep?”

“I can make up for sleep here too. I’ll go back after dinner.” Ben didn’t want to leave for the time being because it was too lively here.

After a while, Elliot walked downstairs.

“Elliot, your sister brought you a gift.” Ben Schaffer sat on the sofa with a look on his face watching the show.

Gwen glanced at him, then took out the gift she bought for him from the suitcase.

When she bought gifts, Ben Schaffer was there for her reference.

For example, the drawing board for Adrian was Ben Schaffer’s suggestion.

But when picking gifts for Elliot, Ben Schaffer didn’t make any suggestions.

Ben Schaffer asked her to buy whatever she wanted, because Elliot would not like it no matter what she bought.

Elliot lacks everything, everything he has is the best, and Gwen has limited funds, so it is impossible to buy too expensive gifts for Elliot.

Elliot saw the three children surrounding Gwen’s suitcase, so he walked in front of Gwen.

Gwen handed him the gift, her voice a little lower than before: “Happy New Year.”

Elliot glanced at the gift she handed over, and then continued: “Thank you.”

The gift Gwen gave him was a very handsome cartoon character holding a golden sign that read: Twenty-four filial piety, good husband.


He just made Avery angry. If it’s not New Year’s Eve, Avery is afraid to divorce him.

How dare he bear the label of twenty-four filial piety and a good husband?

“Elliot, do you know what this cartoon character is called?” Ben Schaffer asked.

Of course Elliot didn’t know.

“This is the male protagonist of a girl’s comic. Gwen likes this cartoon character very much, she thinks you are very similar to this cartoon character. Domineering and rich, love from one to the end…” Ben Schaffer added.

Elliot felt that this gift was ironic and hot. His face darkened instantly.

Ben Schaffer noticed the abnormality and immediately closed his mouth.

“I’m going to make up for sleep.” Ben Schaffer got up from the sofa and pulled Hayden away.

Entering the guest room, Ben Schaffer asked Hayden: “What’s wrong? Your dad is in a bad mood.”

Hayden: “Why didn’t I see it?”

Hayden didn’t know that his parents were arguing, so he didn’t think Elliot was abnormal.

“They didn’t quarrel?” Ben Schaffer asked.

Hayden: “My mother went to the grave before she came back.”

Ben: “Oh, did your mother take your father to the grave?”

Hayden: “No.”

Ben Schaffer slapped his head: “the two of them quarreled. If they don’t quarrel, your mother definitely take your dad to the grave with you.”

Hayden’s face suddenly gloomy.

The two of them quarreled, it must be Elliot’s fault.

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