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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1557 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1557 by Desirenovel

After eating this meal, the two of them will go back to Aryadelle for the Spring Festival.

“Gwen, it’s a pity I can’t watch your game.” Avery handed a gift to her, “I picked this up with your second brother yesterday. It’s a little thought from us. I hope your game will go well and you’ll get the ranking you want.”

Gwen: “Thank you. when my game is over, I’ll go back to find you.”

Avery: “Well, when your game is over, you have a good rest. It feels like you have been reborn in just a few months.”

“I’m quite satisfied with my current state.” Gwen put the gift in her bag with a narcissistic expression, “I think I’m more beautiful now.”

“You’re an aesthetic deformity. You’ve had enough before. you’ve lost weight, and now you’re skinny and if I want to say beauty, it’s still more beautiful before.” Ben Schaffer expressed his views mercilessly.

Gwen: “If you don’t like me now, don’t.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like you. I’m just worried about your health.” Ben Schaffer explained patiently.

“My profession requires me to maintain such a weight, you keep talking about it, it’s really annoying!” Gwen glared at him, “I don’t have an Electra complex, so don’t always act like my elders, okay?”

Avery held back a laugh, “Do you two always bicker like this?”

Gwen: “No.”

Ben: “Yes!”

The two of them said in unison, but gave completely different answers.

Probably feeling a little embarrassed, so they both took up the water glasses in front of them and took a sip.

“Ben Schaffer, do you want to go back to Aryadelle with us?” Elliot saw that the two of them were not dealing with each other so much, so he asked Ben Schaffer.

“Go back with them. If I can reach the top three in the competition, I will definitely call you to show off. If I don’t get the top three, don’t bother me.” Gwen discussed with Ben Schaffer.

“I’m not going back.” Ben Schaffer said firmly, “I’ve agreed to watch your game, I’ll definitely have to watch it before I leave. I even have the camera ready.”

Gwen: “As you like. Anyway, if someone asks me at that time. What does it have to do with you, I will say that you are my father.”

Ben Schaffer: “Are you polite? Can’t I be your brother?”

Gwen: “We don’t look alike.”

Ben: “Then you say I am your father?”

Gwen: “Stepfather.”

Ben Schaffer was a little angry, but it wasn’t enough for him to return home.

“Elliot, have you seen that? This is the true face of your sister. She is so gentle and well-behaved in front of Avery. She was just like that in front of me.” Ben Schaffer made a small report to Elliot in front of Gwen.

Elliot: “What do you want me to say? “

Avery: “…”

The water he just drank almost spit out.

Gwen smiled unkindly.

“Avery, Elliot suffered a lot when chasing you before? I remember it like this.” Ben Schaffer was neither angry nor annoyed.

Avery: “You may remember it wrong. I was more angry before. How could a proud person like him make himself suffer?”

Ben: “Then how did you endure it?”

“I couldn’t bear it, I always quarreled with him directly. If you follow me, maybe Gwen will ignore you.” Avery held back a smile, “Gwen wants to work hard now, please wait patiently.”

After dinner, Elliot and Avery went directly to the airport.

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