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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1555 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1555 by Desirenovel

“Mom, Jun’s condition has been brought under control. As long as he follows the domestic doctor’s orders and takes his medicine on time, it will have no effect.” Tammy answered first.

“Taking medicine every day, how can it have no effect? ​​Did the doctor tell you that taking medicine has no side effects?” Mrs. Hertz’s voice was not loud, but her tone was resentful, “I gave Jun the best doctor I contacted abroad, and it is said that he can cure depression.”

Tammy smiled dryly, “Why haven’t I heard that a doctor can cure depression? There is no other way to treat this disease than to take medicine and regulate your emotions. If the doctor you mentioned was really that powerful, he would have been well-known all over the world long ago”

Mrs. Hertz: “There are so many things you haven’t heard of, if you knew everything, you would be famous all over the world.”

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law disagreed and quarreled.

“Mom! Don’t get excited. Be careful that your blood pressure rises again.” Jun patted his mother on the back while speaking for Tammy, “Tammy is right, I have never heard that modern medicine can completely cure depression. Besides, Tammy’s belly is getting bigger now. I have to take care of her, so I can’t go abroad for treatment. Let’s talk about it when Tammy’s child is born!”

“I knew you were going to say that.” Mrs. Hertz sighed, opened the bag, and took out a few bottles of medicine, “This is the medicine I asked the expert to prescribe. You can take it and see the effect. If it works, then take this medicine regularly.”

Jun’s face suddenly changed.

Tammy was so nervous.

The two elders of the Lynch family knew that Jun’s depression was fake, so they sweated.

“Yes, don’t think your mother is too busy. You have been pampered and grown up since you were a child, and you don’t understand our painstaking care for you. She talks about your depression in front of me every day, for fear that you won’t be able to think about it one day and throw it away. Get off us and leave.” Mr. Hertz said bitterly.

Jun shook his head in embarrassment.

How could he not know the deep love his parents have for him.

If Jun is really depressed, he will definitely take this medicine, and he will take it in front of them and show them.

“Jun, you can take it now. I heard that this medicine is very effective. One thousand dollar for one medicine.” Mrs. Hertz urged.

Jun’s brain exploded: “One thousand dollar for one medicine?”

“Yeah! It cost hundreds of thousands for these bottles of medicine. I’ll bring it to you first and see if it works. If it works…” Mr. Hertz said.

“Dad, Mom, I’m not terminally ill, how can you buy such expensive medicine?” Jun felt that his parents had been deceived.

Tammy was more direct and asked her own question: “Have you been deceived? He is not cancer. What kind of medicine costs 1,000 dollar? Tell me the doctor’s contact information, and I will check.”

Mr. Hertz and Mrs. Hertz’s face turned dark.

“Tammy, ​​don’t speak so badly.” Thiago said, “Isn’t it only a few hundred thousand dollars? Your mother usually pays this price for a more expensive bag. Even if your in-laws are really deceived, don’t you? Do you think your mother wasn’t cheated? In my opinion, anyone who buys something that is not worth that price is paying IQ tax.”

Tammy couldn’t help but be happy.

Dad said her speech was ugly, and he thought how nice his own words were.

Jun sighed and said to his mother, “Mom, I have taken the medicine today. I will wait until tomorrow to take the medicine you bought. Tammy is going to take a nap. I will take you back.”

Mrs. Hertz: “Jun, do you think you are sick or not? Do you think I and your dad can’t tell? You lied to us with outsiders, has your conscience been eaten by a dog?!”

Tammy’s heart was burning with fire. She felt like her husband is going to be beaten. “Ah…my stomach…it hurts!”

She screamed suddenly, causing the whole room to change faces.

Jun immediately ran towards her and picked her up.

“Husband…take me to the room to lie down for a while…” Tammy gave him a secret wink, lest he think her stomach hurts.

How could Mrs. Hertz not guess that this was Tammy’s plan, but seeing that her son cared about her so much. She suddenly felt that if she continued to make trouble, there would be no good results.

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