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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1553 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1553 by Desirenovel

“It’s big in the daytime. It’s not much at the moment.” On the other side of the video call, Layla shouted ‘brother’ and ‘stinky brother’.

After a while, Hayden and Robert appeared in the video call.

“Look at the snowmen made by mom and dad. Who do you think is better?” Avery pointed out the two snowmen to the children, “The smaller one is made by mom, and the bigger one next to it is made by dad.”

“Is there any need to ask? Of course, it’s my mother’s good-looking pile.” Layla cheered.

Avery was instantly satisfied: “Mom hasn’t finished stacking it yet. Mom is going to make a beautiful nose for it. When mom’s stack is finished, mom will stack three more small ones, so we have a family of five.”

“Mom, you make me more beautiful! If I am the prettiest little snowman.” Layla asked quickly.

“Of course, Mom will definitely make you the most beautiful.”

After the video call was finished, Elliot walked up to her and touched her hand holding the phone.

“The temperature has dropped a lot. You go inside and I’ll build the remaining little snowmen.” Elliot touched her hand a little cold.

Avery: “I’m not cold, I just wear gloves. With you, everything is very happy.”

Elliot: “Me too.”

Avery teased, “I know. If it weren’t for me. If I ask you to come out and build a snowman, you won’t run out to build it yourself. Those who really like to build snowmen will run out to build them during the day.” stud

“I bought vegetables during the day and studied recipes.” Elliot defended himself .

Avery laughed, “Even if you didn’t buy groceries or study recipes, you won’t come out and make a snowman. You wouldn’t do such a childish thing by yourself.”

Elliot: “It’s kind of stupid to make a snowman by yourself.”

Avery: “I don’t think so.”

Elliot: “I told me.”

Avery: “I know, if you make a snowman by yourself, I will think you are very cute.”


After building the snowman, Avery and Elliot took a photo with five snowmen in the snow, and while sending the photo to Layla, she also posted the photo to the circle of friends.

–Avery ate dinner made by her husband today and built a snowman together. Life is so self-evident.

After the dynamic release is successful, it immediately receives numerous likes and comments.

Ben Schaffer: “Coke? Are you drinking Coke?” [Laughs]

Gwen replied below his comment: “You graduated from Y University, right?”

Tammy: “I went to check the second half of this sentence. The second half of the sentence is why it is necessary to be a human being. I don’t know the last word, hum!”

Jun: “Don’t cry, wife, that word is very difficult, and I don’t even know it.” [Hug]

At night, after Avery fell asleep, Elliot looked at the news she posted and fell into deep thought.

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