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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1544 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1544 by Desirenovel

Because there was too much information, Avery couldn’t read it at Xander’s house, so she took the portfolio back with her.

“Avery, Ben Schaffer asked us to go out to eat.” After Elliot answered the phone, he said to her, “If you are too tired, I will reject him.”

“Are Gwen together?” Avery is a little tired.

Elliot immediately asked Ben Schaffer on the other side of the phone, “Is Gwen together?”

Ben Schaffer said, “She hasn’t gotten off work yet. She only comes back at 9 p.m. every day recently. Don’t you two come out to eat without her? If Avery doesn’t want to come out, you can come out. You haven’t seen me for so long, don’t you miss me?”

Elliot got goosebumps: “You come directly to us, I can consider inviting you to eat nearby. “

Do you know that I’m an hour’s drive from here to you?” Ben Schaffer exclaimed, “I’m a patient now.”

Elliot sneered, “The injury on your face is still not healed? Don’t you mean the injury is not serious? Zion hurt you so badly, can you bear it?”

Ben Schaffer immediately said: “It’s okay, I’ll go find you.”

“If you come alone, I’m afraid my wife won’t see you.” Elliot gave him a vaccination in advance, “She’s very tired today.”

“I know, I am in your wife’s heart, not as much as Gwen’s finger. I’m looking for a drink with you, if your wife is here, let’s catch up, it’s better if you don’t, you accompany me for a drink.” Ben Schaffer hung up the phone.

Elliot walked to Avery and took away the information in her hand.

Elliot: “Don’t watch it. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Avery: “Hey, I’m also idle.”

Elliot Said, “Aren’t you full for dinner? Why don’t we go and have some more with Ben Schaffer later? Ben Schaffer will come over later.”

“Go eat with him. I’m not hungry.” Avery was really not hungry, or maybe it was because she had something in her heart, so she didn’t feel hungry.

Elliot: “Then I’ll bring you some back for a late night snack.”

They had dinner at Xander’s house.

Sabrina cooked a table of hearty dishes, but everyone had no appetite, so they didn’t eat much.

“Okay. But I’m a little sleepy. I might fall asleep before you come back.” Avery rubbed her temples.

“Go take a shower first.” Elliot pulled her up from the sofa and walked towards the master bedroom, “You can sleep when you’re sleepy, don’t wait for me.”

Avery: “Well.”

The two returned to the master bedroom, she Open the suitcase, take out the clothes one by one, and hang them in the closet.

“You go take a shower, I’ll hang up.” Elliot wanted to help.

“I’ll do this kind of little thing myself.” Avery glanced at him, “Why don’t you take a bath first. When you go to see Ben Schaffer later, you have to be clean.”

After Avery finished speaking, she brought him a set Come out with clean clothes.

After Elliot entered the bathroom, Avery picked up her phone and tried to call Gwen.

The phone was connected, but no one answered.

She hung up the phone and sent a message to Gwen: [Your second brother and I are in Bridgedale. Let’s meet for dinner when you are free.]

After sending the message, she continued to organize her clothes.

After an hour.

Elliot went out and met Ben Schaffer at a nearby restaurant.

And Gwen also ended today’s training and called Avery back.

“Avery, I just got my mobile phone. When did you come? Today?” Gwen came out of the company and immediately pulled up the zipper of her jacket, “I can ask for leave tomorrow to see you.”

Avery: “Will your request for leave delay your training? I have something to do in the past two days. When I’m done with my work here, I and your second brother will find you.”

Gwen: “Okay. It seems that Ben Schaffer has also sent me a message.”

“He should have wanted to call you to come to our side with him. He has come over now. ” Avery explained.

“Oh, it’s too late today, so I won’t go.” Gwen shuddered, “Is it just you and my second brother who came here?”

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