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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1542 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1542 by Desirenovel

After Xander’s death, Avery has been in contact with Xander’s family by phone and Whatsapp.

Xander’s parents were both highly educated people, and their personalities were gentle and restrained.

Xander’s death was undoubtedly a huge blow to them, but they never complained about Avery.

This made Avery even more guilty.

The two came to Xander’s house, and looking at Xander’s mother, Sabrina Jenkins’s gray hair, Avery’s eyes suddenly became wet.

“Auntie, I wanted to visit you and my uncle for a long time, but because my husband was seriously injured, I only came to see you now.”

The expression on Sabrina’s face was very solemn.

“I told you not to come, how troublesome!” Sabrina poured them two glasses of water, and continued, “Actually, Xander’s death is not the most uncomfortable thing for us, the most uncomfortable thing is that xander’s girlfriend, Willa, actually died to avenge him in a foreign land…”

Sabrina said here, weeping.

Avery immediately took a tissue and wiped Sabrina’s tears.

Avery: “Auntie, you must take care of your body. If Xander and Willa see you so sad, I don’t know how distressed they will be.”

Sabrina endured the great grief and choked: “Willa was like my own daughter. Every time she came to see me, she would accompany me to talk for a long time. She also said that she will marry Xander in the future, and will not move out, but will live with us… She was so quiet and well-behaved. How dare she went to avenge Xander alone?”

Avery had never seen Willa, but from Sabrina’s mouth, Willa’s image instantly came alive in her mind.

“Okay, don’t cry. People came all the way to see us, not to see us cry.” Xander’s father, Maddox Jenkins patted Sabrina’s back, “Didn’t you say you want to ask Avery if you have any questions? You ask!”

Avery immediately said, “Auntie, if you have anything to ask me, feel free to ask. As long as I know, I will tell you the truth.”

Sabrina took a deep breath, adjusted her emotions, and asked, “Xander said that the person who was poisoned to death was done by Kyrie, but why did Kyrie kill my son? My son was just an ordinary doctor. Xander lived with you and your bodyguard at the time in the Hotel, why didn’t Kyrie kill your bodyguard but killed my son?”

Avery thought about this question.

“Maybe Kyrie doesn’t want Xander to operate on me.”

Apart from this reason, she really couldn’t think of any other reason.

Sabrina frowned, “But Xander isn’t the only one who can do your surgery. Your surgery isn’t that difficult. Didn’t the doctors in Yonroeville do it for you? If Kyrie doesn’t want the doctor to treat you, so why didn’t he kill the doctor who operated on you? The doctor who operated on you isn’t dead, right?”

Sabrina’s words caused Avery to think deeply. She couldn’t answer the question.

If Kyrie killed Xander just to prevent Xander from giving her treatment, but after Xander died, she underwent an abnormally smooth operation in Yonroeville, how to explain this?

Sabrina looked at her puzzled and let out a long sigh, “I’m afraid I can’t solve the cause of my son’s death.”

“Auntie, I’m sorry. Before Xander was killed, nothing abnormal happened, so I can’t guess why it happened.” Avery apologized, “but There must be a deeper reason for his death.”

“Yeah! If there is no reason, why didn’t someone else die?” Sabrina’s eyes were dark and sad, “Maybe this is Xander’s life.”

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