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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1539 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1539 by Desirenovel

“You can write a few more copies, and we can take them as gifts.” Avery made her plan early, “Brother Wesley invited us to eat dumplings at his house tomorrow, and then give him two copies. “

Elliot: “Avery, are you sure that my level can reach the level of gift-giving?”

Avery: “Of course I can. As long as you don’t show off in front of real calligraphers, others won’t see you as an amateur at all.”

Elliot couldn’t help laughing.

Avery cut red paper abd Elliot prepared pen and ink.

Robert watched the excitement with his big eyes that were as crystal clear as gems.

“Elliot, I found some couplets on the Internet, let’s see how they go.” After cutting a few couplets, she brought her phone over and showed him, “I think this is pretty good…”

–The flowers of the sunrise river are red like fire, and the river water is green like blue in spring: Birds chirping and flowers fragrant.

“Ahh..this one is also good.” Avery read it to him, “Red plums are proud of winter snow, and green willows spew catkins to welcome the new year…”

Elliot frowned slightly: “This pair has too many strokes.”

Avery: “I thought you could write anything.”

Elliot: “You can write, but it’s another time whether you can write well or not. It’s a matter.”

Avery: “Then you write first, what if it looks good?”

“Since you have spoken, then I can only be respectful rather than obedient.” Elliot tidy up the table, then picked up the red paper and began to fold the grid.

Avery stood next to him and was amused, “You seem to be writing couplets with your skillful technique.”

Elliot: “It’s fake. Actually, I’m very nervous.”

He practiced calligraphy purely to cultivate his sentiments to take his words to give away.

“Haha, then I’ll let you relax.” Avery said, picked up a writing brush and a piece of white, and wrote the words ‘Elliot’ on the paper.

Because she can’t write with calligraphy at all, so she can imagine how ugly she writes.

“Thank you.” Elliot put the surprise into his stomach, “I really relax a lot.”

“Hahaha! You teach me how to fold a grid, and I’ll help you.” Avery put down the brush and wrote “Elliot” just now. He handed Robert a large piece of waste paper, “This is your father’s name, you have to remember it!”

Elliot taught her origami.

After Avery met, Elliot picked up the brush and began to write the first couplet.

The flowers of the Sunrise River are as red as fire, and in the spring the river is as green as blue. He likes this couplet very much. He plans to keep it for his own use after he finishes writing it.

Elliot finished writing on one side, then put what he had written aside, picked up another blank red piece of paper, and wrote another sentence.

Avery concentrated on watching him write.

Elliot’s serious look was very charming.

“Husband, your writing is so beautiful. You are as handsome as you are.” Avery couldn’t help but praise, “I will give this couplet to Brother Wesley when the time comes.”

“Okay, it’s up to you.” He was praised ecstatic.

After writing the couplets, Avery carefully held the two couplets in front of them, intending to enjoy them and put them aside to dry.

The result—

Avery looked at the small dark handprints on the couplet, and everyone was stunned. She immediately looked at Robert and took a breath.

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