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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1538 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1538 by Desirenovel

The next day, Elliot received a call from Ben Schaffer from Bridgedale.

Ben: “Elliot, I asked around, but I didn’t hear that Wonder Technologies is going to list in Bridgedale.”

Elliot: “That news has been deleted.”

Ben Schaffer laughed, “Oh, there is only one possibility. Wonder Technologies is indeed listed. But the time is not ripe, so let’s go of the gossip and find out. Wanda has worked so hard to raise funds, so she definitely wants to go public. If you hadn’t been staring at it all the time, with Wanda’s skills, she would definitely want to go public. Social skills, her dream has come true.”

“When are you coming back?” Elliot asked.

“Didn’t I tell you last time, I’ll come back after Gwen’s game is over.” Ben Schaffer didn’t want to go back for the time being.

His relationship with Gwen has eased a lot compared to before. He seemed to see the dawn of hope in front of him.

“Did you not look at the calendar?” Elliot reminded him, “Don’t you spend the New Year with your parents every year? The day of Gwen’s competition happened to be New Year’s Eve.”

Ben Schaffer was stunned for a moment: “I really didn’t look at the calendar. I’ll spend New Year’s Eve with Gwen. I’ve spent so many years with my parents during the Spring Festival, and I’ve spent it with Gwen this year, so they shouldn’t say anything.”

Elliot: “Where are you two now?”

Ben Schaffer laughed, the wound on his face was sore, and he gasped immediately.

“Fck, that bstard Zion hurt my face. I don’t even dare to go out to meet people.” Ben Schaffer went out with a low cursing, “I wore a mask to go out in order to find out if Wonder Technologies was going to go public. I don’t dare to take off my mask when I see people. When people ask me what’s wrong, I can only lie and say I’m allergic.”

Elliot: “It’s serious?”

Gwen: “I know if Gwen will be good on the day of the competition. I plan to go on stage to give her flowers.”

After hearing his words, Elliot remembered a piece of news he saw two days ago.

“There is a kind of tree in this world. I forgot the name of the tree. It is the only one of its kind. It is a male tree and has lived for more than 100 years. Because the female tree has died out, so there is no way for this kind of tree to reproduce. But this male tree that has lived for more than 100 years still blooms and courtes each year…”

Ben Schaffer listened to his voice and savored the story he told, horrified and startled. Got goosebumps all over.

Ben: “Elliot, I beg you not to talk about it. Why does it sound like a horror story when you say something so good.”

Elliot laughed loudly: “That tree has been single for more than 100 years, you’re much luckier than that tree.”

Ben Schaffer snorted coldly, “I knew that your ultimate goal was to hurt me. Just do your best to hurt me. When I finish my single life, you won’t have a chance.”

Elliot: “So confident?”

“I’m not 100% sure. I’m only half sure.” Ben Schaffer said frankly, “You little sister, you don’t play cards according to common sense. I can’t guess what she’s thinking every time, and I also guess. I don’t know what she has to say next.”

“That’s why I got you hooked.” Elliot teased.

“I’m not fascinated. After all, I don’t even touch my hands. What’s wrong with it.” Ben Schaffer laughed at himself, “Maybe it’s because I met true love. I’m just platonic to her now… “

Elliot: “Didn’t she agree to fall in love with you? You call it unrequited love.”

“D*mn it. You brother and sister are trying to kill me. You don’t understand me at all.” Ben Schaffer felt that Elliot was too bitter.

“I understand. Don’t you just get older, and your desire in that area has diminished, so you started to seek mental stimulation?” Elliot said.

Ben Schaffer felt guilty and hung up the phone angrily. He didn’t expect Elliot’s mouth to be so poisonous, not only poisonous, but also terrifying.

This weekend, Avery bought red paper and came back. She planed to ask Elliot to write couplets and blessings.

Elliot has been recuperating at home for a while, occasionally practicing calligraphy.

She once saw his calligraphy and was shocked. She felt that the couplets and blessings of this year’s Spring Festival could be contracted by him.

“Buying so much red paper?” Elliot was puzzled.

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