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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1519 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1519 by Desirenovel

Seeing Avery sleeping so soundly, Elliot really couldn’t bear to call her to get up.

Coming out of the bedroom, he saw several large cardboard boxes in the living room.

Mrs. Cooper said, “Sir, these are the old clothes of Layla and Hayden. Avery said to donate these clothes. I forgot to ask her where to donate. I asked the bodyguard to remove the box, otherwise it would take up too much space. It’s over.”

Elliot: “Donate to the poor mountainous area. I’ll find the contact information.”

After that, Elliot sat on the sofa and turned on his mobile phone.

Mrs. Cooper went to prepare a fresh-cut fruit plate for him.

Elliot’s company donates money to impoverished mountainous areas every year. But this has always been done by the people in the finance department.

He called the finance department and asked for the contact information over the mountain.

The staff of the finance department immediately called up the relevant information: “Boss, there are several charitable associations and schools in poverty-stricken areas that our counterparts donate to, or I will send them to you.”

Elliot: “Well.”

After speaking on the phone, Elliot quickly accepted to a detailed table.

He has hardly ever been to impoverished areas, only when Robert was born prematurely and needed blood transfusion, he went to impoverished mountainous areas to ask for blood.

His thoughts were suddenly pulled far away. Somehow, he suddenly thought that if his child grew up in such an environment, he didn’t know what the child would become, and whether the child would grow up alive and well.

In poor mountainous areas, three meals a day were a problem. Not to mention how backward the medical environment was.

The unevenness of this world, Elliot has always deeply understood. So for the sake of his family, he must live well and work hard.

After he glanced at the form, he felt that it was not enough to just donate some old clothes. He re-allocated it to the finance department, “Is Ben Schaffer here?”

“The chief financial officer is not here today.”

“I’ll transfer 5 million from my personal account later. You guys will cooperate with the purchasing department to buy school supplies and donate them to schools in the mountains. I still have some old clothes here, and we will send them over when the time comes.”

“Okay, boss.”

Born in such a place, there was only one way to change one’s fate, and that was to study.

3 days later.

Tate Industries.

Avery came out of the conference room after making an exception. Back at the office, she was very thirsty, so she picked up the water glass and took a gulp of water.

The phone on the table suddenly rang.

Avery immediately picked up her phone and saw that it was Elliot calling.

The corners of her mouth twitched involuntarily and she picked up the phone.

His deep voice suddenly flowed through the electric waves.

“Avery, let’s have dinner together at noon.”

She was stunned for a moment: “Yes! Can you eat outside? Why is he so solemn all of a sudden?”

Avery felt that Elliot’s tone was a little unusual.

“The results of my identification with Sofia have come out.” Elliot replied.

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