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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1514 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1514 by Desirenovel

Elliot picked up the phone and saw the number from yesterday. He frowned slightly and answered the phone.

“Elliot, I’ve already arrived in Aryadelle. When are you free, let’s meet.” A woman’s voice came from the phone.

“Where are you now?” Elliot glanced at the time.

It was 10: a.m. in the morning.

“I’m in the hotel. Do you want us to have dinner together at noon.” The woman asked cautiously.

“There’s no need for that. If you want to meet, then go to the appraisal center.” Elliot said indifferently, “I’ll send you the location.”

On the other side of the phone, the woman was silent for two seconds, then replied, “Okay. “

She didn’t say anything other than a ‘good’ word.

After hanging up, Elliot sent the location of the identification center, then got up and came out of the study, ready to go out.

Seeing that Elliot was going out, Mrs. Cooper immediately asked, “Sir, where are you going? Didn’t Avery let you rest at home?”

“I’ll tell her.” Elliot changed his shoes in front of the shoe cabinet, “I’ll look for it later.”

Mrs. Cooper: “Okay.”

After Elliot went out, Mrs. Cooper immediately called Avery and told her about him going out.

In Mrs. Cooper’s mind, Avery is the mistress of the family, and she should know everything about the family.

“Okay, I see. Elliot hasn’t contacted me yet. I’ll wait and see if he tells me at noon.” Avery was in the clothing store, watching the two children try on clothes.


After talking on the phone, Avery took a photo in the direction of the two children and sent it to Elliot.

Avery wanted to see if Elliot would tell her why he went out.

After the photo was posted, she walked up to the two children.

“Mom, who are you calling?” Layla asked.

“Mrs. Cooper called. Said your father was out.” Avery said truthfully.

“Why did he go out? Didn’t you let him rest at home? Why is he disobedient? What if his leg hurts again?!” Layla frowned and was distressed and angry.

“Your father’s legs are much better. There is no problem with walking.” Avery said to Layla with a smile, “How about this coat on you? Do you like it?”

“I like everything, but my brother thinks that the wardrobe told me not to buy so many.” Layla took off her coat, “Mom, let’s buy that purple coat just now. I like purple lately.”

“Okay. Except for that purple one, You can buy two more. Last year’s clothes are probably too small. When you go home, Mom will sort out your old clothes, and we can donate those that can’t be worn.”

“My brother’s clothes will definitely not be able to wear anymore. My brother has grown a lot taller.” Layla glanced at her brother, “Buy some new clothes for my brother too.”


The two children continued to choose clothes.

Avery turned on the phone and saw Elliot’s reply: [I’m going to the appraisal center for appraisal now, and I’ll go to you when I’m done.]

Avery: [That woman has returned to Aryadelle?]

Elliot: [Hmm.]

Avery hesitated for a while, and replied: [Do you want to have a meal with her?]

Elliot: [No need for now. Wait until the results come out.]

Avery: [Good.]

Identification Center.

After Elliot arrived at the lobby, he waited for about 10 minutes. A taxi stopped outside, and a middle-aged woman in a brown trench coat and sunglasses got off.

After she got off the station and stabilized, she took off the sunglasses on the bridge of her nose.

Elliot watched the woman from a distance in the hall. His heart was beating violently uncontrollably!

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