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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1512 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1512 by Desirenovel

Avery didn’t take this matter to heart. No matter what Elliot’s attitude towards this biological mother is, she respects and accepts it. Because she believed that when he made a choice, he must think carefully.

In the banquet hall, some people were drinking and chatting.

Because Gwen lived in a hotel, she stayed in the banquet hall and played with her mobile phone, but didn’t leave.

Ben Schaffer couldn’t bear to see her alone, so he walked in front of her.

Ben: “Are you waiting for me?”

Hearing Ben Schaffer’s voice, Gwen immediately raised her head and asked inexplicably, “What am I waiting for?”

“I was joking with you. I knew you would frown upon hearing this.” Ben Schaffer thought it was funny.

“You’re happy to make me angry?” Gwen put away her phone and got up from her chair.

“Aren’t you really angry? I’m really joking with you.” Ben Schaffer followed in her footsteps, “Where do you live? I’ll take you back.”

Gwen: “No, because I’ll stay in this hotel.”

” Oh, no wonder you weren’t in a hurry to leave just now.” Ben Schaffer followed her out of the banquet hall, “How long will you stay here? When will you return to Bridgedale? Your big brother knows you are in Bridgedale, has he ever looked for you?”

“Why you questioned me so much?” Gwen glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes, “Are you panicking from eating too much?”

“Didn’t I hope you could stay for a few more days?” Ben Schaffer scratched his head, “I want the person who caused your miscarriage to come and apologize to you in person.”

“No! I really don’t need to. I didn’t want that child much. She helped me abort it, so I could concentrate on my career. I am very grateful to her now.” Gwen had already thought about it.

When she miscarried, the child was just budding, and the damage to her and the child was the least.

“Do you really think so?” Ben Schaffer felt a little uncomfortable. Because he really wanted that child. The child was gone, and he was lost for a long time.

“I didn’t think so, what did you think?” Gwen asked back, “Are you going to come to my room with me?”

Ben was stunned for a moment, his face flushed with drunkenness: “I want to chat with you. If you are worried, you can open the door.”

“Do you have a serious desire to talk? What are you going to tell me? You are talking outside.” Gwen originally wanted to reject him, but looked at him cautiously. Strict look, somehow softened.

“You didn’t answer any of the questions I asked you just now.”

“I’ll stay for about a week. But if there’s nothing wrong here, I might go to the training ahead of time.” Gwen entered the elevator and pressed the floor where she lived, “As for my eldest brother, he didn’t contact me. Didn’t you give him a sum of money? He probably won’t remember his sister until the money runs out.”

Ben: “Oh oh… So, you two brother and sister don’t have a good relationship.”

Gwen gave him a deep look and said, “There is too much age difference, there is a generation gap. It’s like I have a generation gap with you.”

Ben Schaffer showed a look that was uglier than crying Laughing, “Why didn’t I think there was a generation gap between us.”

“Are all of you old men so changeable?” Gwen couldn’t understand him, “Didn’t you dislike me before? I’m far away from you, it’s not the right fit. Are you on your mind?”

“You misunderstood me, really misunderstood me. I never despised you… I regarded you as my sister at first, and hoped that you would listen to my plan, but you didn’t. , so we have differences and contradictions. In fact, this is not a generation gap.” Ben Schaffer explained to her patiently.

“What about now?” Gwen looked at his red face and asked, “What do you think of me now?”

Ben Schaffer didn’t expect her to be so direct, he couldn’t stand it. He pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath: “Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?”

“If you tell me the truth, I will tell you the truth, if you lie to me, I will tell you the truth. Just lying to you…you choose.” Gwen shifted her gaze to the elevator display.

With a ‘ding’ sound, the elevator reached the designated floor.

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