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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1511 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1511 by Desirenovel

Elliot took the glass and said calmly: “It’s okay. Even if she knows I drink, she won’t say anything.”

Chad sat down beside him and asked, “You don’t look very happy.”

“The woman called me and said she was my biological mother.” After taking a sip of wine, Elliot explained the reason for his unhappiness, “Before Nathan died, he told me that my biological mother was the escort girl in the dance hall.”

Chad Shocked: “How did this woman find you?”

“She still remembers Nathan. And she said that she saw my picture and said that I looked a lot like her when I was young.” Elliot put down the wine glass and turned on the phone.

After the call, the woman sent him an artistic photo of her youth.

The woman in the photo has three-dimensional and delicate facial features, and her eyebrows and eyes are full of charm. She was a very beautiful woman.

Chad took a deep breath and asked, “Boss, what is she looking for you for? Is she asking you for money? Or does she want to meet you?”

“She didn’t say this directly, but said that I might be her son. She can do a paternity test with me.” Elliot took another sip of his wine, “I agree.”

“Well. If you want to confirm her identity, you must do a paternity test. Even if you look at the photos, you and her do look alike, but You still need scientific evidence.” Speaking of which, Chad remembered an important question, “Where is she now? What kind of work is she doing?”

Elliot: “I didn’t ask. She said she would return to Aryadelle as soon as possible and go to the identification with me.”

“She is in Abroad?” Chad frowned, “How can a dancer have the opportunity to go abroad?”

Elliot: “It’s not difficult for ordinary people to go abroad. Not all people who go abroad have decent jobs.”

Chad: “You are right. Since she has contacted you, she must have a plan. But I can’t say for sure. Gwen lives with Nathan, but Gwen and Nathan are different.”

Elliot said indifferently, “Wait. Let’s talk about the identification results. Even if she is really my mother, I can’t recognize her.”

“Well. No matter what you decide, I will support you.” Chad asked, “Have you said this matter to Avery?”

“I’ll tell her at night. She is very happy today, and I don’t want to use this kind of mess to affect her mood.”

“She is really happy today. She always smiles when she sees everyone. I haven’t seen her happy face for a long time.” Chad smiled.

At night.

After sending the guests away, Avery helped Elliot into the car.

Elliot didn’t use crutches today. His legs have almost recovered, and as long as he does rehabilitation training in the later stage, he can slowly return to normal.

After getting in the car, Avery asked him, “You didn’t rest at noon today, are you exhausted?”

Elliot: “It’s okay. It’s definitely not as tired as you have children.”

Avery: “Robert doesn’t stick to me anymore after he has older brother and sister.”

“Well.” After Elliot responded, he was silent for two seconds, and then spoke again, “The call I received this morning was not a sales call.”

“Huh?” Avery didn’t react for a while.

Today Robert’s birthday, Elliot answered a lot of phone calls.

“There is a woman who says she is my biological mother. She wants to come back and do a paternity test with me.” Elliot told the business.

Avery: “Your biological mother?”

Elliot: “Well.”

Avery quickly adjusted her mood: “Oh, if you are willing to do a paternity test with her, then do one.”

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