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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1494 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1494 by Desirenovel

Avery took out her mobile phone and searched online: How long can I have s-e-x after ligation?

Online answer: one month later.

Avery blushed slightly, put down the phone, and looked at Elliot, then said, “Are you sure you want to do it? As long as it is an operation, there will be risks.”

“It’s just a minor operation, what risks can there be. And the doctor said that recanalization can be done in the future.” Elliot looked calm, as if he had already considered it.

Seeing that Elliot had made up his mind, Avery could only agree.

Moreover, Elliot used active contraception to reduce the risk of her suffering.

Avery was very moved. She said, “I’ll accompany you tomorrow.”

“Of course you want to accompany me.” Elliot face, under the soft halo of the orange candle light, was extraordinarily gentle, “I’m a little nervous.”

“Hahaha…I thought you were not afraid. You are a minor operation, and I should be able to accompany you into the operating room.” Avery teased.

“That’s not necessary. You are next to me, and I am more nervous. Just wait for me outside the operating room.” Elliot exclaimed.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you where you asked me to.” Avery took a deep breath and asked, “Would you like to go outside to get some air? I’ll push you out in a wheelchair.”

“I want to go out, but I don’t want to be in a wheelchair.” Elliot didn’t want to be mistaken for a lame leg.

“You go out with me on crutches?” Avery raised her eyebrows slightly, “Why don’t you still use a wheelchair? Don’t you have idol baggage? You don’t look good on crutches.”

Elliot: “…”

Avery took out the wheelchair and pushed it in front of Elliot.

Elliot sighed helplessly and sat up. When he was about to go out, he suddenly thought of the two children: “What are they doing? The house is so quiet.”

“Mrs. Cooper will visit them. Don’t worry about Layla bringing the children. She is very measured.” Avery has special trust in Layla.

Because sometimes Robert has bad habits, Layla will be the first to correct him.

“Will it affect Layla’s homework?” Elliot was not worried about Robert, he was more worried about Layla.

Layla is in elementary school, but she has a lot of homework.

Avery: “We’ll come back from a walk later, and I’ll go check her homework.”

Elliot: “Well.”

Avery pushed Elliot out.

The sky has darkened. The street lights in the community suddenly turned on the moment they went out.

Avery’s eyes flashed, and her heart lit up.

In front of them, there was an old couple with gray hair and hunched waists, holding hands and walking forward slowly.

Avery stared at the old couple for a while, wanting to say something, but felt that any words would break the peaceful beauty of the moment.

She lowered her eyes and saw that Elliot was also staring at the couple in front of her.

“Avery.” Elliot said suddenly.

Avery: “Huh?”

“You look at them.” With Elliot eyes, he motioned Avery to look at the couple in front of her.

Avery: “I saw them, what’s the matter?”

Elliot said, “Look at the old woman in front of you, she is holding her husband.”

Avery was stunned for a moment.

“Every time you go out, you won’t take the initiative to lead me.” Elliot complained, “You have to study like that old woman.”

Avery: “……”

–In such a warm and romantic picture, what she thinks of is life and death. What she thinks is holding her hand, growing old with her, what she thinks is wanting to win the heart of one person, and the white head will not be separated.

–And What is Elliot thinking about?

–After walking outside for half an hour, Elliot proposed to go home to see if Layla had finished her homework.

“Didn’t you say you don’t care about your daughter’s grades? Even if she gets zero marks in the test, you can still give her a good life. That’s what you said before.” Avery teased him.

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