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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1488 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1488 by Desirenovel

Avery rubbed her eyebrows, then opened her eyes and looked out the window.

The scenery outside the window kept moving backwards, and she could clearly see the tall buildings, flower beds, and the continuous flow of traffic outside.

–Could it be the reason for not having a good rest recently?

–The last time this happened to her was before the surgery in Yonroeville.

–However, after she was discharged from the hospital, she underwent a re-examination, and the results of the re-examination were no problem.

–May be too tired recently.

Now that she and Elliot have also received the certificate, the stone hanging in her heart has fallen, and she should adjust her state well.

Maybe after a few days of rest, the body will return to normal.

The car quickly drove to the Starry River Villa.

When Avery got home, Robert was playing with toys in the living room, and Elliot was taking a lunch break.

Mrs. Cooper asked her to go back to her room to rest, but she was not sleepy.

“She came here today and brought a gift. It was said that Gwen spent a month’s salary to buy it for you.” Mrs. Cooper said, “Gwen is quite attentive.”

Avery was very surprised: “It’s not easy for Gwen to make some money. How can I be embarrassed to spend so much money to buy me a gift.”

“Just give her a gift. She is willing to buy you a gift because of her heart. If you refuse, she will be sad.” Mrs. Cooper laughed.

Avery: “Yeah.”

Mrs. Cooper: “She only brought gifts for you, not for your husband.”

Avery: “The two brother and sister haven’t met. Elliot didn’t say that he wanted to recognize this sister. Gwen is not the kind of flattering person.”

Mrs. Cooper: “I see. Whoever treats her well will treat her well.”

Avery: “Well, where is the gift?”

Mrs. Cooper: “Mr. Foster was afraid that Robert would take it, so he took it back to the bedroom.” After Mrs. Cooper finished speaking, Avery walked towards the bedroom. .

When Avery entered the room, there was not much movement, but Elliot opened his eyes.

“Did I wake you up?” Avery rushed to the bed.

“No.” Elliot sat up and asked worriedly, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost three o’clock.” Avery dialed his forehead messily, “I heard that Gwen bought me a gift.”

“Well, that powder box is.” Elliot said.

Avery looked at the bedside table and picked up the pink box. She opened the box, saw the necklace inside, and smiled, “She has a good eye for gifts. This style is so beautiful.”

“How about Tammy?” Elliot changed the subject.

Avery shook her head: “Not very good. I called Jun, and Jun was heartbroken. The two of them are a bit like the two of us before. No one wants to bow their heads, and everyone thinks they are in control.”

Elliot: “Don’t you make up now?”

“Elliot, do you have any cracks in your heart?” Avery held the box in her hand and looked at him softly, “We used to quarrel all the time, and quarrels hurt our feelings a lot.”

“Is there a crack?” Elliot asked.

Avery smiled and shook her head: “I don’t think there are any cracks. Every time we reconcile, there is a feeling of forgetting the pain after healing. Are you the same as me?”

Elliot looked at her smile and said what was in his heart, ” No matter how angry you make me, as long as you come to me, I will rekindle my confidence.”

His answer warmed her heart.

Avery hugged him, breathing the familiar breath on his body, her eyelids darkened a little.

“Are you sleepy?” Elliot said in a hoarse voice, “Go to sleep. I’ll call you in an hour.”

Avery: “It suddenly got dark in front of me, guess what I was thinking at the time?”

Elliot looked her in the eyes: “Why is this happening? Is there a possible disease?”

Avery: “I thought so too. I suspected I had an incurable disease, and then imagined that after I died, you might find a new wife soon and think of our children, who may be abused by the stepmother.”

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