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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1483 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1483 by Desirenovel

“Well. I won’t leave you and the child in the future.” Elliot has tossed enough.

“Retractor.” Avery held out her little finger childishly.

Elliot froze for a moment, then pulled the hook with her.

“Husband, when are we going to get the marriage certificate?” Avery said, changing the topic in a relaxed manner.

Elliot: “How was Monday?”

“Okay.” Avery didn’t want to drag it on.

When Avery was in Yonroeville before, Rebecca reminded her more than once that they were legal couples only if they got a certificate, not only if they had a wedding. So Avery was obsessed with the marriage certificate.

In the hospital.

After Mrs. Hertz was hospitalized with high blood pressure, Jun has been taking care of him in the hospital.

This is the first time Mrs. Hertz has asked her son to take care of himself at the bedside.

Mrs. Hertz had been hospitalized several times before, and every time she asked him to work hard, so as not to be affected by her illness.

And this time, she was admitted to the hospital by Tammy. If this matter is not resolved, she will not be able to swallow the anger in her heart.

“Mom, the doctor called me just now, and he said that your blood pressure has not been able to go down He asked me to persuade you to adjust your mood and always be happy. Otherwise, the blood pressure will not be lowered, which is not good for the body.”

Mrs. Hertz sneered: “I don’t want to be angry, do you think I want to die?”

Jun: “Mom, that’s not what I meant.”

Mrs. Hertz”Yes, Tammy doesn’t listen to me, I can understand. After all, she is not my daughter. I have nothing to be angry with her, but you are my son and you have to listen to me.”

“Didn’t I take care of you in the hospital? I haven’t contacted Tammy for almost a week.” Jun was upset, but he didn’t dare to show it.

Mrs. Hertz sneered, “What else do you have to contact? When you said good things at the beginning, she said that they would change. Tammy didn’t take our Hertz family seriously at all. I think all this is her plan. I’m asking you to borrow a sperm to continue the incense for their Lynch family.”

Jun sighed helplessly: “Mom, if you think so, then so be it. Anyway, Tammy is pregnant with my child now.”

Mrs. Hertz: “What’s so strange about pregnancy. Any woman on the road can be pregnant with your child. If you are healthy, you can have a baby with anyone.”

Jun: “…”

After a while, the door of the ward was pushed open.

Seeing the person coming, Mrs. Hertz immediately said enthusiastically: “Jun, this is Mrs. Cooper I told you just now.”

Jun immediately greeted Mrs. Cooper.

Two hours later, this matter reached Tammy’s ears.

Tammy’s calm heart was suddenly turbulent and rushed!

Jun actually had a blind date with a young woman in the ward behind her back.


O Monday.

Avery and Elliot dressed up and went out to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

After getting in the car, Avery suddenly asked, “Have you brought all the documents?”

Avery: “I’ll check online.”

“No need to check.” Elliot held her little hand, “Even if we don’t bring our documents today, even if the sky falls, we can get our certificates.”

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