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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1481 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1481 by Desirenovel

“You didn’t speak on stage alone, I didn’t tell you in advance.” The teacher explained with a smile, “The host will ask you how you usually educate your children and share your views on our school. You can do whatever you want. Just talk.”

Avery nodded: “Okay.”

She was no stranger to official clichés.

After half an hour, Layla’s dance performance ended, and the audience burst into applause.

In the fierce applause, the host invited Avery to the stage.

Avery’s mood was proud.

Layla was dancing on the stage just now, and Avery recorded the whole thing with her phone. Knowing that Layla dances so well, she should have brought a DSLR.

Avery walked to the stage and took the microphone from the host.

“Layla’s mama, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate in our school’s activities. I wonder if Layla’s papa came to the scene.” The host asked with a smile.

When the question was asked, there was laughter in the audience.

The news that Elliot was discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair was the headline news these days.

Even the primary school students in the audience knew it, but didn’t the host know?

Avery used a smile to hide the panic on her face: “Layla’s papa is sick, so I didn’t come together.”

“It’s a pity, I wanted to check on the spot, whether you interrupted Layla’s Papa’s leg.” When the man said this, he smiled, “I guess not, because Layla is so good, she must have a harmonious and happy family.”

Avery responded: “I have a good relationship with Layla’s father. But even if it is not harmonious. A family can also grow up a very good child.”

“Well. Do you usually have high expectations for Layla?”

“My request to her is to do the best in everything as much as possible. It’s the same as the school motto…” Avery talked eloquently.

When Avery finished speaking, the audience roared with applause. She took her daughter off the stage.

“Mom, you said it well.” Layla looked at her with admiration.

Avery smiled: “When your dad’s legs are healed, let him participate in this kind of activity. Guarantee he can speak better than mom.”

“I don’t want dad to come.” Layla puffed her cheeks, “My teacher knows that. Dad has a wife outside. He came to ask me specifically. I feel ashamed.”

Avery: “Layla, don’t think like that. Everything your dad did before was out of his own hands.”

Layla: “Then I don’t want him either. Just let him take his brother at home.”

Avery: “Your father has to go to work after his legs are healed. He can’t stay at home all the time.”

After the event, Layla wanted Avery to take her outside for a while. But Avery didn’t agree.

Avery: “Your father is sick today, and he told us to go back early after the event.”

Layla: “Is he a baby? He needs someone to accompany him when he is sick.”

“He is not yet healed, so let’s treat him as a baby for the time being. “Avery took her daughter into the car.



Eric came over to visit Avery and Elliot, and at the same time he also took Layla to an event.

“Eric, I went to Layla’s school on Friday to watch Layla dance. She has made great progress. I have to thank you for all this.” Avery sincerely thanked her.

“It’s Layla’s talent, it has nothing to do with me.” Eric’s eyes passed over Elliot, and he said lightly, “Elliot has two wives, you can also consider finding another husband.”

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