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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1469 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1469 by Desirenovel

“Avery, you go back to take care of Robert and let Mrs. Cooper have a good rest.” Elliot put down his chopsticks, picked up the soup bowl with his left hand, and demonstrated to her that it’s perfectly fine to eat by himself.

Elliot has a comminuted fracture in his left hand and has been resting for more than a week, and should be fine now.

“Then I’ll go back first, you can call me if you have anything.” Avery leaned over, placed a kiss on his forehead, and quickly left the ward.

Elliot was stunned.

Chad followed the music, “If Mrs. Cooper hadn’t been sick, Avery would probably not have gone home.”

Mike sat down beside the escort bed and looked at the man who was drinking soup leisurely on the hospital bed: “Elliot, I feel you have changed. I was here just now, I’m embarrassed to say it.”

“What do you mean?” Elliot glanced at him.

“Now I am the technical director of Tate Industries, and you are the boss of Sterling Group, let’s talk.” Mike showed him, “I heard that you used to be generous to Avery, but now you have a large share of the company. The two of you are in a good relationship now, so you can live in peace with each other. If you two break up in the future, wouldn’t you do whatever you want?”

Chad gave Mike a wink and told him to stop talking.

But Mike ignored his eyes and continued to question Elliot: “I think your feelings for Avery have changed. You used to love her unconditionally, but now you are starting to calculate.”

“Mike, shut up for me.” Chad felt that what he said was too much, so he reprimanded.

Even if Elliot and Avery’s relationship changes, it is their private matter, and outsiders have no right to interfere.

“Chad, take the documents in the drawer to the lawyer. I’ll chat with Mike alone.” Elliot instructed Chad.

Chad immediately walked to the cabinet, opened the drawer, and took out all the documents inside.

Before going out, Chad stared at Mike with death eyes for two seconds.

Mike cleared his throat, then reached out and pushed him outside: “Bring the door.”

Chad went out and closed the door.

Elliot packed the lunch box on the small table and put it on the next cabinet. Then he picked up the water bottle, unscrewed it, and took a sip of water.

“Mike, I have indeed changed.” Elliot admitted, “I am not what I used to be. My attitude towards Avery has changed.”

Mike gasped when he heard what Elliot said.

Avery, an idiot, didn’t feel the change in Elliot’s attitude? Before leaving just now, she even kissed Elliot.

She should have slapped him.

“I’ve known her for almost ten years. Some of the big and small things that happened in these years have been forgotten, but some of them will never be forgotten in a lifetime.” Elliot’s eyes were not focused, and his voice was cold. ” I can be sure that even though my attitude towards her has changed, my love for her has never changed.”

Mike was stunned.

Elliot Continued, “The changes I made are just to better protect our relationship. As long as she loves me as always, I will never do anything to hurt her.”

Mike asked back, “What if Avery doesn’t love you anymore?”

If Avery doesn’t love me anymore, then, as you expected, she will lose everything.” Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and his voice was cold, “Not only will Avery lose the Tate Industries, but she will also lose the child.”

Mike instantly understood what Elliot meant: “You want to control her and keep her by your side.”

Elliot: “You can understand that.”

Mike: “You b*stard, it’s too bad! Feeling is your love for me. Wish, how can you force her?”

“You can tell her what I said just now. If she can’t accept it, she can leave me now.” Elliot looked at him indifferently.

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