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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1460 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1460 by Desirenovel

“Rebecca has something to tell you.” Avery handed the phone to Elliot.

The reason why Avery handed him the phone was to make Rebecca give up completely.

Elliot took the phone and turned on the speaker mode: “What do you want to say?”

Rebecca cried bitterly, “Elliot, don’t go. I beg you, don’t go. When my child is older, I’ll do a paternity test. The child in my belly is really yours. How can you leave your own flesh and blood? How can you be so cruel?”

Avery, as a mother, heard Rebecca’s words, There was an inevitable sadness in her heart.

But thinking that Rebecca’s purpose for creating this child was to steal Elliot, she could not sympathize with Rebecca and the child in Rebecca’s womb.

“Yes, I can’t abandon my own flesh and blood, so I have to go back to Aryadelle and take on my responsibility as a father.” Elliot followed Rebecca’s words without rushing, “If you are disappointed in me, you can kill me and our child.”

Over the phone, Rebecca whimpered, too desperate to speak.

Elliot waited for a few seconds, then hung up the phone and returned the phone to Avery.

“Elliot, it’s over.” Avery turned off her phone.

“Well.” Elliot knew that what Avery was saying was that everything in Yonroeville was over.

–After returning to Aryadelle, Elliot will no longer have any contact with Rebecca.

–Everything that happens here is like a dream.

Rebecca cried until she collapsed. Her carefully planned game not only failed to keep the man she loves the most, but even lost her father’s life.

She regretted it. But regret was useless.

“Miss, did Elliot really let you abort the child?” The nanny’s eyes were red, not worth it for Rebecca.

Rebecca cried so much that she couldn’t control herself and said, “Elliot didn’t want me anymore and he didn’t want the child.”

“Miss, then go and kill the child.” The nanny showed her a way back. “Lorenzo is loyal to you. After you aborted the child, live with Lorenzo. He will treat you a thousand times better than Elliot.”

Rebecca lay on the armrest of the sofa, “The child will be three months soon, and soon, he will be born.”

“It’s not your child, so why did you have to give birth? What happens when you are born? Elliot won’t care about you anymore.” The nanny revealed the truth, “Miss, can you be sober?”

Rebecca sniffed, “I’m sober. I know Elliot won’t come back. He has three children in Aryadelle. How can I keep him as a child?”

The nanny said, “Okay, you can give birth if you want. It’s okay to have a child anyway, and after the child is born, you can threaten Elliot and Avery in the future. If we encounter difficulties in the future, we can use this child as a bargaining chip.”

Rebecca did not answer. She was very uncomfortable now, and she couldn’t think about anything rationally at all.

But one thing was certain, she didn’t want to abort the child in her belly. She couldn’t get Elliot, and it was a little consolation to get Elliot’s child.

After nearly ten hours of flight, the plane taxied at the capital airport of Aryadelle until it stopped.

The ambulance was already waiting.

After Elliot was pushed off the plane in a wheelchair, he was transferred to an ambulance.

“Avery, you contacted the ambulance?” Elliot didn’t know in advance that he would be taken to the hospital by ambulance as soon as he returned to Aryadelle.

Avery raised her eyebrows: “Don’t you think you can go home?”

Elliot: “Didn’t I be discharged from the hospital?”

“That’s because I have to go back to Aryadelle, so I have to be discharged. It doesn’t mean that your illness can be discharged. You have to stay in the hospital for at least a week.” Avery made him realize the reality.

Elliot closed his eyes and accepted the reality.

When Elliot arrived at the hospital, Avery walked in front and opened the door of the intensive care unit reserved for him.

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