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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1458 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1458 by Desirenovel

It was not Avery but Elliot answered and said, “Are you feeling better?”

Jun: “Um.”

Elliot: “Don’t bother her with such trifles. If you can’t even coax Tammy, how can you be a good father in the future?”

Jun was speechless after being taught.

Jun: “Brother Elliot, you are right. When are you going back home? When you return to Aryadelle, I will take Tammy to your house for a meal.”

Elliot: “After being discharged from the hospital.”

Jun: “When will you be discharged from the hospital?”

Elliot: “Do not know.”

Then Elliot hung up the phone. He has just obtained the qualification to get out of bed, and he has not heard Avery talk about the matter of being discharged from the hospital. Moreover, although he can get out of bed with crutches, he can only move in the ward.

There were footsteps outside the ward door.

The door opened, and Avery walked in with a group of people. The second brother, Nick and the fourth brother came over.

Avery asked him before if he wanted to see them, but he said no.

He didn’t like to be seen embarrassed look.

“Elliot, they came to see you.” Avery explained, “They came on their own, and I couldn’t let them go.”

Elliot nodded and returned her mobile phone to her. These days, Avery has been showing him videos to pass the time. In fact, she could buy him a new mobile phone, but she didn’t do it. They can be discharged from the hospital. When Elliot is discharged from the hospital, they can go back to Aryadelle. After he returns to Aryadelle, buying a mobile phone can be regarded as a complete end to life in Yonroeville.

“Elliot, we are very worried about you, so we made an appointment to come over. I came here once before, and the bodyguards of the Jobin family stopped me from seeing you, so I left.” The second brother walked to the bedside, grasped his arm, and looked at him carefully, “Lorenzo has such a heavy hand, do you want me to teach him a lesson for you?”

“No, I’m almost recovering.” Elliot didn’t want to cause trouble again. “Although Rebecca inherited Kyrie’s legacy, but after all, she was not strong enough and needed Lorenzo’s help.”

“Do you think it is better to do more than less?” Sure enough, he is a father who is much more stable than before. The fourth brother laughed, “When are you going to return to Aryadelle?”

“At least another week.” Avery replied, “In a week, let’s see his recovery.”

“Actually, if you want to go back to Aryadelle, you can go back now. We will send you back by special plane.” The fourth brother said, “I think Elliot looks good now!”

Avery explained: “We have to wait for Rebecca to do a paternity test before returning to Aryadelle. She said that the child in her womb was Elliot’s.”

As soon as these words came out, the three men fell silent. After a while, Nick asked, “If the child belongs to Elliot, what are you going to do?”

Avery said, “If it’s Elliot’s, we’ll go back to Aryadelle too. Rebecca created this child by unsightly means, and she bears the responsibilities and obligations by herself. Never try to bind Elliot with this child.”

After listening to Avery’s answer, Nick asked back, “Since it doesn’t matter whether the child is Elliot’s or not, you will all go back to Aryadelle. Why not go now? Are you planning to find out that the child is Elliot’s, so you’re going to fight with Rebecca? You quarrel with her, so what if you win, you can’t do anything to her.”

Avery was full of power. Indeed, even if the result came out and she knew that the child belongs to Elliot, what could she do? She can’t do anything. As long as Rebecca refuses to abort the child, the child will be born smoothly.

“Elliot, what’s your attitude?” The second brother asked.

Elliot: “I listen to Avery.”

“Tsk tsk, I understand why you gave up your career for this woman. You just got the scar just now, forget about the pain.” The second brother teased.

“Where’s the scar? Obviously still hurt.” The fourth brother teased.

“This is life!” Nick sneered.

Elliot didn’t care, but Avery’s face was burning, embarrassed.

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