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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1456 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1456 by Desirenovel

The call was from Hayden. After he accidentally pressed the answer button, Hayden’s voice immediately came: “Mom, I heard that Elliot woke up.”

Elliot was very moved when he heard his son’s voice.

The son cared about him, so he called to inquire about his situation.

“Mom, ask him who he chooses. If he can’t bear his new wife, don’t want him and go back to Aryadelle.” Hayden thought that his mother was on the phone, so he spoke freely.

Elliot’s emotion for the last second came to an abrupt end. It turned out that his son didn’t care about him, but worried that Avery would be wronged.

It’s better for a son to know that he feels sorry for his mother than to have no conscience.

“Mom, why didn’t you speak? Did Elliot make you angry again?” Hayden asked in a gloomy voice.

Elliot couldn’t keep silent any longer, “It’s me. Your mother went to take a bath.”

Hayden wassilent for a while.

Elliot: “your question, I have already answered your mother.”

Hayden didn’t want to talk to him about his love story at all. He wanted to ask how his body was, but was ashamed to speak.

Because Hayden didn’t speak, Elliot decided to take the initiative: “Hayden, are you busy with your studies now?”

After the question was asked, Hayden didn’t answer.

Also, the relationship between their father and son, although not as tense as before, is not good enough to chat about everyday life.

Just when Elliot thought Hayden was going to hang up at any time, a female voice came.

“Elliot?” Gwen’s voice came.

Elliot was stunned.

The voice was…

“Where’s Hayden?” Elliot asked.

“Hayden gave me the phone and let me talk to you.” Gwen scratched her head embarrassingly, “That…I heard that you were sick and hospitalized, are you feeling better?”

“Well.” Elliot said nothing. the desire to continue.

“Do you know who I am?” Gwen asked.

–It was the first time the siblings spoke on the phone.

Elliot was completely unfamiliar with her voice, but he knew that she lived with Hayden.

“Gwen.” She said her name.

“It’s me.” Gwen heard her name being pronounced by her, her heart pounding, “Avery told me that you are not as cold as you have shown, no matter if what she said is true or not, I hope you can be well Cherish Avery. Don’t be fooled by your new wife in Yonroeville…”

Elliot frowned.

Avery finished the bath as quickly as possible and came out of the bathroom.

When Elliot saw her coming out, he handed the phone to her: “Hayden’s phone.”

Avery strode over and took the phone.

As a result, the call has been dropped.

“What did you say?” Avery asked.

“Hayden gave Gwen the phone when he heard my voice.”

Avery raised the corner of his mouth: “What did you say to Gwen?”

“She talked a lot, I didn’t remember what she said.” Elliot was a little tired .

His body has not recovered yet, and his energy is obviously unable to keep up.

Avery: “Go to sleep if you’re tired.”

Elliot: “Yeah.”

After Elliot closed his eyes, she walked to the bedside and sat down, turned on her phone, and saw the message from Gwen.

Gwen: [Avery, did you tell him that I live with Hayden? He actually knew who I was.]

Avery: [Well, I told him.]

Gwen: [He doesn’t seem to be that scary. I just had an awkward chat with him and said a lot.]

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