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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1455 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1455 by Desirenovel

“Elliot, I feel very relieved that you are willing to explain this to me.” Avery raised her eyebrows and asked his choice according to the worst outcome, “If the child in Rebecca’s womb is really yours, What would you do?”

“I don’t want her child, and I can’t be responsible for her and her child.” Elliot knew exactly what he wanted.

“It’s enough to have your answer. This time is a painful lesson. No matter what happens in the future, I will not hide it from you again. I will tell you as soon as possible.” In her tone, it was hard to hide the guilt , “Elliot, I love you very much, and I know that you love me very much. I have always known.”

Elliot replied, “I am also at fault.”

“You are right. It is my fault.” Avery looked at him, officially confessing to him, “If I were you, I might do something more impulsive than you.”

Elliot didn’t want to continue this heavy topic.

“Can I get out of bed?” Elliot changed the subject.

“What are you thinking? You’ve broken a leg.” Avery patted his left leg, which was splinted, “but you can roll over slightly. I’ll help you.”

“My leg should be alright?” He tried to move his leg, but he didn’t feel as serious as he said, “My right leg is fine.”

“I want to get out of bed, I’ll talk about it in two days. In addition to your leg injury, your arm is also broken.” Avery took the pillow on the escort bed and put it against his back, so that his body was slightly to the right.

“Is my arm broken too?” Elliot was a little surprised.

“Are you numb from pain? Don’t your left arm hurt?” Avery looked at him in confusion.

“It doesn’t hurt very much.” Elliot felt his body carefully. It didn’t hurt too much anywhere. Otherwise he wouldn’t even want to get out of bed.

“Your arm is not as bad as your leg. When you leave the hospital, you will have to buy a wheelchair.” Avery said, her hand resting on her thigh, rubbing him moderately, “It’s uncomfortable to lie down for a few days, right?”

Elliot: “Well. When did you come?”

“Arrived yesterday. The escort bed is very comfortable, and I live here very well.” Seeing his frown slightly, Avery didn’t know what he was thinking, “What do you think? want to watch TV? Or, you can rest.”

“Let’s watch TV.” Elliot had been lethargic for a few days, but now he is really sleepy.

“It’s not convenient for you to watch TV on your side like this. I’ll show it to you on my phone.” Avery picked up the phone. “What do you want to watch? Domestic news or local news?”

Elliot: “It’s okay.”

“Then I’ll show you. Watch local news.” Avery turned on her phone, found a video showing local news, opened it, put it on the cabinet next to it, adjusted the angle, and asked him, “Will this be too high? I’ll put a bed for you. Raise your head a little bit?”

Elliot: “Well.”

After Avery adjusted the head of the hospital bed to a suitable position, she walked towards the escort bed.

Avery: “Watch TV for a while, I’ll take a shower.”

Elliot: “Okay.”

Avery took the clean clothes and walked to the bathroom.

Elliot looked at the news playing on the screen of her mobile phone, absent-mindedly.

He’s not interested in local news. Because there was no local person he cared about. He would rather see the news of Aryadelle.

His broken left hand was temporarily inflexible, but his right hand was fine. He tried to stretch out his right hand and took the phone from the table. The moment he picked up the phone, a call came in. He accidentally touched the screen and pressed the answer button.

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