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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1454 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1454 by Desirenovel

This was the longest sentence Elliot said after he was waking up.

Avery looked into his eyes, stunned for two seconds, and explained, “I originally believed in you, but Rebecca told me that the child in her womb belongs to you, so I asked you again.”

Elliot: “So?”

“Well, she didn’t tell me directly at first, she told Layla.” Avery rubbed the towel in the basin, wrung it dry, and wiped his body, “Layla was crying. Layla cared about you very much.”

Elliot’s emotions suddenly became agitated.

“Elliot, don’t be angry yet. I’ve explained it to Layla.” Avery held his face in her palm and stroked gently, “Rebecca lied to me, saying that you were determined to make a clean break with me, so I didn’t even listen to my phone. I suspected something was wrong, so I called Nick to confirm. I found out that she really lied.”

“Since you know Rebecca lied, why do you still ask about my child?” Elliot asked her back.

Avery froze for a moment: “Probably because of the child, there is no need to lie. After all, you can know the truth by doing a paternity test. I don’t think Rebecca is such a stupid person, how dare she use this to deceive me?”

After her voice was settled, the phone she put on the table rang.

Avery put down the towel, picked up the phone, saw that it was Layla calling, and took it immediately.

Avery couldn’t wait for her daughter to see that Elliot had woken up.

“Layla, your father is awake.” Avery turned the camera to Elliot.

When Layla saw her father, she immediately said excitedly: “Dad, you finally woke up, I’m so worried about you.”

Elliot looked at her daughter’s smiling face and listened to her tender voice, with a smile in her eyes: “Dad is fine.”

“Dad, why are you being beaten? Who beat you? You tell me his name, and when I grow up, I’ll teach that person a lession.” Layla said angrily.

Layla has a notepad. It remembered who and so had asked her to borrow money, and who had made her angry.

If she didn’t remember it in a notebook, it would be easy to forget. Because she is not too vengeful, and she doesn’t want to suffer, so she uses a small book to remember.

Elliot couldn’t help laughing: “Layla, Dad is all right.”

“Oh…then when are you coming back?” Layla’s words were sharper than the last, “I don’t like your new wife, you must talk to that The woman breaks up. Otherwise, I won’t let you go back to our house. I won’t let you see your brother.”

Avery sweated on her back. She didn’t expect her daughter to say this.

She turned the camera to herself: “Layla, mom and dad will take care of it. Don’t worry.”

Layla: “Then I’m going to do my homework. There’s a lot of homework today.”

Avery: “Well, baby has worked hard.”

After the video call hung up, Avery put the phone on the table.

In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, she asked, “Lorenzo beat you, didn’t you fight back?”

Avery remembered that Elliot’s skills were not bad. If he fought back, he wouldn’t be beaten like this.

“Lorenzo is out of anger, so I can leave here smoothly.” Elliot said hoarsely, “If I don’t come here, nothing will happen. The consequences are my own.”

“Don’t say that. Everything has been done. It’s over.” Avery pulled the quilt up to him and continued, “You are recovering well now, don’t think about anything. When your body recovers, let Rebecca do a paternity test to see if her child is yours or not.”

“If the child is mine, there is only one possibility.” Elliot saw that Avery cared so much about this matter, so he said the only possibility, “After I came here, I underwent a brain operation. After the operation, I was in a coma for three days. What happened in those three days, I don’t know.”

Avery nodded.

“I haven’t touched her since I woke up from surgery.” Elliot reiterated.

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