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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1451 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1451 by Desirenovel

“Boss, don’t you have a question to ask Mr. Foster? You ask!” Seeing Avery in a daze, the bodyguard immediately reminded her.

Avery recovered from the shock.

“Don’t make a noise. He just woke up, but he’s not awake yet.” Avery pushed the bodyguard outside. “You stay outside. Don’t come in without my order.”

After pushing the bodyguard out, she quickly returned to the Elliot but his eyes were closed.

Avery rubbed her eyes, wondering if she had an illusion just now. However, the bodyguard saw it just now.

Avery didn’t have any illusions, and Elliot did wake up briefly just now. Just when she hesitated to call his name, he opened his eyes again.

“Elliot!” Avery said quickly, “Elliot!”

Elliot’s eyes suddenly focused and looked at her.

“It’s me, I’m Avery.” Avery choked, “Kyrie is dead, when you are discharged from the hospital, let’s go back to Aryadelle together.”

–It took him twice as long as usual to digest what Avery said.

“Elliot, I know you’re in pain right now. It hurts everywhere. You don’t need to answer what I said…” Avery held his big palm and whispered.

“Okay…” Elliot replied hoarsely from his throat.

When he is discharged from the hospital, he will go back to Aryadelle with her.

Avery’s eyes suddenly became wet.

As Elliot answered her last sentence, she was satisfied.

In the evening, Rebecca came with a heat preservation box.

Hearing that Elliot woke up, she immediately asked the nanny to stew soup and porridge.

“Elliot!” Rebecca put the insulation box on the cabinet and walked to the side of the hospital bed. Seeing Elliot’s eyes open, she immediately asked gently and eagerly, “Elliot, how are you feeling? I brought you soup and…”

Vice President Lewis interrupted her: “Miss Jobin, he can’t drink soup now. He can only eat porridge and light noodles.”

“I’ve brought porridge.” Rebecca immediately opened the insulation box.

A strong fragrance wafted across the entire ward.

Avery came out of the bathroom, smelled the fragrance, and strode to Rebecca.

“Avery, the doctor said that Elliot can’t drink soup, let’s drink this soup.” Rebecca’s attitude towards Avery turned a hundred and eighty degrees, “Fortunately, I brought porridge for Elliot.”

Avery took the porridge, walked to the hospital bed, and asked, “Do you want to eat porridge?”

“Hey! Avery, why are you doing this?” Rebecca strode over and took a bowl from Avery’s hand. Snatched, “This is the porridge I brought to Elliot, I’ll just feed him, don’t bother you.”

Avery turned to ask Elliot, “Who do you want to feed?”

Rebecca held the bowl tightly , nervously waiting for Elliot’s answer.

She saw that Elliot looked at Avery with amber-like eyes, and spit out a word: “You.”

Rebecca’s hand holding the bowl suddenly lost his persistent strength.

Avery took the bowl from Rebecca’s hand and said, “I’ll stay with him tonight. When he’s not awake, he doesn’t need you. When he wakes up, he doesn’t need you anymore.”

Rebecca’s face turned pale.

“Elliot, do you really need me? Are you planning to go back to Aryadelle with Avery?” Rebecca asked unwillingly.

Elliot said without hesitation, “Yes.”

Rebecca’s heart fell to the bottom.

What she desperately wanted to grasp, she regarded her as a burden, lest it be avoided.

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