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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1450 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1450 by Desirenovel

“I’ve been resting in the hotel all day, I’ll stay here for a while.” The bodyguard walked to the hospital bed and stared at Elliot and looked carefully, “He just lays like this every day?”

Avery: “Well.”

The bodyguard sighed, “The living dead mentioned in the book are like this, right? Can he still wake up?”

“If it is as serious as you said, then he is not in the ordinary ward, but in the ICU.” Avery took a sip of soup and said, “He should be waking up soon.”

“Oh, that’s good.” The bodyguard walked up to her and sat down, “Boss, I admire you more and more. You can be in Rebecca’s territory, drive Rebecca away, your courage and courage are indeed the woman who can take down Elliot.”

Avery blushed at his embarrassment: “Rebecca is pregnant now, so she didn’t follow up with him to argue.”

The bodyguard: “Oh, so it is.”

Avery said, “When you bring your meal over at night, bring my suitcase.”

“Okay. I can get it now, I’m fine anyway.” The bodyguard got up and strode out.

After Avery finished eating, she took out the lunch box and threw it away.

She happened to meet the nurse who was going to inquire about the news and walked quickly.

When Avery saw the nurse, her heart beat faster.

“Ms. Tate, is Mr. Foster awake?” Because the Jobin family’s bodyguards were guarding outside, the nurse asked symbolically.

“No.” Avery shook her head.

The two entered the ward and closed the door of the ward.

The nurse said, “Ms. Tate, I didn’t get too specific information, because my sister didn’t know the inside story. She said that Miss Jobin’s transplant operation was done by the director.”

This result did not surprise Avery too much.

Everything about the Jobin family is private.

The nurse suddenly lowered her voice, “However, I still heard some important news. It takes a period of time to do IVF normally. Ms. Tate, you are a medical student, so you should understand what I mean. But Miss Jobin didn’t. Miss Jobin did it directly. I don’t know where the embryos transplanted into Miss Jobin’s stomach came from. I don’t even know who the father of this child is. “

Avery was stunned.

–Direct transplant?

–How could this be?

The nurse said, “Ms. Tate, when Mr. Foster wakes up, you can ask Mr. Foster what’s going on. If Miss Jobin’s child is indeed Mr. Foster’s, then Mr. Foster must know but I am a little puzzled. It’s Mr. Foster’s, so why did they choose IVF? Miss Jobin is very young and in good health, so they can conceive directly.”

Avery couldn’t answer the nurse’s question. Because she was more confused than nurses now.

After the nurse told Avery what she knew, she took another look at Elliot’s situation and left the ward.

When the bodyguard brought her luggage, she sat beside the hospital bed in a daze, completely unaware that someone had entered.

“Boss, what are you doing in a daze.” The bodyguard stretched out his hand and shook it in front of her. “Why are you so worried? It was fine just now. After I left, what happened?”

Avery: “I was thinking about what happened in Rebecca’s stomach. What’s the matter with the child.”

“What is there to think about? When Elliot wakes up, you can just ask him if he doesn’t.” The bodyguard said lightly, “Didn’t you say he is about to wake up?”

The bodyguard’s mouth seemed to open light. After his words were settled, Elliot on the hospital bed suddenly opened his eyes without warning.

When the bodyguard saw Elliot open his eyes, he jumped back in fright.

“Boss! Elliot is awake.” The bodyguard screamed.

Avery saw Elliot.

Elliot woke up!

Avery was too excited and nervous, she was at a loss for words and wanted to speak, but she didn’t know what to say.

After Elliot opened his eyes, his eyes were cold and distracted.

Avery don’t know what Elliot was thinking.

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