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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1448 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1448 by Desirenovel

Avery felt that Elliot wouldn’t lie to her, but looking at Rebecca’s confident attitude, she didn’t seem to lie to her either.

She needs to know the truth, the sooner she knows the better.


After a night of insomnia, Jun was dizzy and very painful.

Before eight in the morning, his parents came.

Jun didn’t need to ask to know that the nanny told his parents about him and Tammy.

“Jun, what do you think?”

Jun looked confused: “Do you two need to be so serious? It’s not the first time Tammy and I have quarreled…”

Mrs. Hertz, “Oh, yes little quarrel?”

Jun’s face was very bad, and said, “Whether it’s a small quarrel or a big, it’s all about me and her. I’m going to make up for sleep, you two go back.”

“Since you don’t want to be talk nice with us, then I and your dad will go to Lynch’s house now and talk to Tammy.” Mrs. Hertz said, getting up.

Jun said immediately, “Hey mom. Don’t do this. Tammy said she wanted to calm down, so don’t go to her.”

Mrs. Hertz said, “What’s so cool about being calm. I think you two just want to avoid the problem. I know you like her and don’t want to break up with her. Your father and I are very open-minded, and I won’t force you to separate for the sake of the child. We think that the conflict between you and Tammy will be rooted to the end, It’s still the child’s problem.”

Jun: “No! I just don’t like her socializing outside, it has nothing to do with the child.”

Mrs. Hertz: “Why can’t Tammy socialize outside? Isn’t her family’s business important?”

Jun was asked back and was speechless.

Mrs. Hertz said, “Yes, you should understand Tammy more. Don’t blame her blindly. We won’t force Tammy to have children again. Didn’t the doctor say that she is difficult to conceive?”

“You two think about it?” Jun looked at the two elders in surprise.

“No, what I mean to your dad is that you can find other women to have children.” Mrs. Hertz said this way, “As long as you pay, there are many women willing to give birth to you.”

Jun said, “Mom, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Mrs. Hertz said, “Tammy can’t have children, so we won’t make it difficult for her. We will find other women to have children. Is there any problem? You and Tammy are still husband and wife. The woman who gives birth to you is only responsible for giving birth, and will not affect the lives of the two of you.”

Jun: “Mom, I beg you to stop talking. If Tammy hears this, she will must divorce me.”

Mrs. Hertz said, “Divorce means divorce. It’s not that you can’t have children, so what are you afraid of?”

Jun didn’t expect his mother to say such a thing. Although he quarreled with Tammy, he never thought about divorce from Tammy.

He was no longer a young and vigorous man in his twenties. He decided to remarry Tammy, not because of Tammy’s face and figure, nor because of her childbirth.

“Mom, why don’t you work hard with dad to have another son.” Jun thought about it for a while, and then showed up, “I don’t understand your thoughts, and I won’t do as you say. An insult to me, and and also to Tammy.”

After Jun finished speaking, he took the car keys and left.

About half an hour later, Tammy drove over. She tossed and turned awake last night. This morning, her mother enlightened her and asked her to come and have a good talk with Jun.

She ate breakfast and drove over.

The two elders of the Hertz family had already left, and only the nanny was at home.

When the nanny saw her return, she immediately put down her work and walked in front of her.

“Tammy, ​​if only you came back earlier. Jun and your in-laws just left.” The nanny said.

“My in-laws are here?” Tammy put her bag on the sofa.

“Yeah! They’re here to find out and say one thing…” The nanny said here and did not continue.

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