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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1447 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1447 by Desirenovel

Rebecca looks like someone has thrown a basin of cold water.

She had never been pregnant, so she didn’t know that she had to do so many tests. So she suddenly confused.

Avery stuffed her color ultrasound sheet into her hand.

“By the way, you said that the child belonged to Elliot. After three months, you’d better do a paternity test, otherwise this will not end.”

“Just do it. Whoever is afraid.” The nanny said, then strode to the bedside, “Why hasn’t Elliot lost his medicine today? Didn’t the doctor come to the ward?”

“Aren’t you going to check the time now?” Avery was in a bad mood, so her tone was very Poor, “I asked the doctor to change the medicine when the doctor came to round the room. They are going to dispense the medicine now.”

The expression on Rebecca’s face was red and white.

Avery is also a doctor, so she can make this kind of decision.

Compared with Avery, Rebecca is like a dispensable waste.

“Miss, you can’t be angry with her. Just let her accompany her in the hospital. Why should we fight her for such a hard thing? When Mr. Foster wakes up, won’t you come home with us?” The nanny coaxed her and continued, “The doctor said you need more rest, So I’ll take you home to rest.”

Rebecca was not convinced: “What if Elliot wakes up and doesn’t see me?”

The nanny: “Let bodyguard stay here. If Mr. Foster wakes up, he will notify us as soon as possible.”

Rebecca pursed her red lips, tangled.

“Miss, let’s go. Don’t you feel upset watching Avery here?” The nanny continued to persuade.

Seeing that Elliot showed no sign of waking up, it was really pointless to spend time here.

–It’s the most important thing for her to raise her baby at home with peace of mind.

Thinking of this, Rebecca turned and left the ward. After She and her group left, the nurse came in with the reconstituted medicine.

Avery said to the nurse, “Give me the medicine. I’ll get it for him.”

The nurse smiled and said, “Doctor Tate, with you here, we won’t have anything to do with it.”

Avery : “Look at him.”

“Well. Vice President Lewis said the same thing. But how did you let Miss Jobin go?” The nurse asked in a low voice and continued, “You don’t know, she gets angry with Vice President Lewis every day and asks questions. Why isn’t Mr. Foster awake yet? Our Vice President Lewis is so annoyed by her that we dare not say anything.”

“You are afraid of her because you live here. I’m from Aryadelle, so I won’t be bothered by her breath.” Avery hung the medicine bottle, sterilized the indwelling needle in her hand, and screwed the needle on.

The nurse: “Aren’t you afraid that Miss Jobin will trouble you?”

Avery: “If she dared to trouble me, she would have done it yesterday.”

“Yes. Doctor Tate, our colleagues all said that Miss Jobin is not as good as you. Mr. Foster will definitely talk to you when he wakes up. You go back to Aryadelle.” Seeing Avery’s easy-going personality, the nurse started chatting with Avery.

Avery took this opportunity to ask the nurse, “Do you know who the father of the child in Rebecca’s womb is? Rebecca said that the child belonged to Elliot, but Elliot told me not to.”

The nurse looked embarrassed: “I don’t know very well. Although her child was done in our hospital, it was not done in our department.”

Avery nodded, expressing understanding.

“But I can go and find out for you. I have a sister in the reproductive department, and she must know the inside information.” The nurse said enthusiastically.

Avery had a smile on her face: “Okay, please help me ask.”

The nurse: “Well, I don’t have time for work at the moment. I’ll ask at noon.”

“Thank you so much.” Avery was in a mood and Couldn’t help but got nervous.

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