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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1443 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1443 by Desirenovel

So the two of them often quarrel over this matter.

The medicine that the nanny downstairs boiled was bought by Tammy after she went to seek medical treatment, and she drank it three times a day in the morning, noon and evening.

Tammy insisted on drinking for two days, and today was her third day to drink the medicine.

She didn’t come back for lunch today, and she didn’t know how late she would stay up tonight.

Jun stood on the balcony to breathe while dialing her number.

The phone was dialed, and it took a while to get through.

“Husband, I can’t leave now… I’ll be home later. You can eat alone and don’t wait for me.” Tammy’s answer made Jun feel angry.

“Didn’t you say you need to prepare for pregnancy? You didn’t drink your medicine? You didn’t drink it at noon today.” Although Jun was angry, he didn’t dare to speak too harshly.

Since Tammy was kidnapped, he dared not allow himself to lose his temper with her.

“I wanted to go back to drink medicine at noon. You said that fatigued driving is not good, so I stayed at the company to rest… You said it’s okay to drink less.” Tammy argued with him.

Jun said, “I mean it’s okay to have one less drink, but you can’t come back tonight to drink, so drink less.”

“Then can you bring it to me? Are you at home now?” Tammy asked back.

Jun took a deep breath and said, “Okay! Send me the location and I’ll send it to you.”

After speaking on the phone, Jun went downstairs and asked the nanny to pack the boiled traditional medicine in a heat preservation box.

While packing, the nanny muttered in a low voice: “Master, you are too indulgent to Tammy. Which woman preparing for pregnancy drinks outside every day? You can’t drink when preparing for pregnancy.”

Jun: “Tammy said she didn’t drink. She drank all the juice.”

The nanny: “But the clothes she changes every night smells of alcohol.”

Jun frowned, “Other people drink alcohol and it smells like medicine. I don’t know about this medicine. Does it work? It’s so unpleasant to drink. If you put it away before, Tammy will never drink it.”

The nanny: “Young master, you are soft-hearted. Tammy socializes outside every day. If your parents find out about this, you will definitely be angry.”

“Don’t talk to me. My parents said. Just wait until Tammy has been busy for a while.” Jun took the insulation box from the nanny and strode out.

A high-end restaurant, private room.

Jun carried the insulation box, pushed open the private room door, and saw a fat middle-aged man holding a glass of wine and forcibly pouring it into Tammy.

The insulation box in Jun’s hand fell to the floor with a ‘bang’.

Hearing the movement, Tammy immediately saw Jun, and immediately pushed the man beside him away.

“Husband!” Tammy blushed embarrassedly and explained, “I…I…”

Tammy wanted to say ‘I didn’t drink’, but the truth was that she had just been given a sip liquor.

“Have you been drinking?” Jun strode in front of her and smelled a strong smell of wine.

Jun wasn’t sure if Tammy drank or not, but her dodging eyes betrayed everything.

“Drink a little. Just a sip.” After Tammy finished speaking, Jun immediately shook off her arm and strode away.

“Husband. Wait for me.” Tammy grabbed her bag and quickly chased out.

In the parking lot outside the restaurant, Jun stopped.

Tammy chased after him——

“Husband, today’s guests are special.”

“I’ll just ask you, can I drink alcohol to prepare for pregnancy?” Jun frowned and shouted angrily, “Either you don’t tell me that you want children. You really want children, and you can talk to these old men every day. fooling around outside? Your family does business by relying on women to accompany others to drink outside? Is your mother like this?”

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