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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1442 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1442 by Desirenovel

Nick didn’t think Rebecca was joking.

–Is it true?

–If true, that would be interesting.

Nick should have watched the fun, but his temples hurt.

Elliot and Avery had a conflict. If it was in Aryadelle, it had nothing to do with Nick.

But obviously, their next conflict will be troubled here. They were fighting here, and he certainly couldn’t eat melons like the others standing with akimbo.

Avery took Nick one at a time, calling him as affectionate as a brother.

At first, Nick was annoyed by Avery coming to him, but then for some reason, he seemed to get used to it, so he didn’t think she was too annoyed.

“Since you have a child in your womb to threaten Elliot, why are you afraid of Avery? Just let her stay here. Let’s wait until Elliot recovers.”

Rebecca held back her anger: “You said so. I want to kill her.”

“If you kill her, Elliot won’t let you go. Don’t think that if you are pregnant with his child, you will get the gold medal. Rebecca, you are not like your father. If you kill people with ruthlessness, you are still not your father. Don’t blame me for speaking badly, I just hope you can cherish the life that you can control and don’t kill yourself.”

Rebecca gradually calmed down: “I know… ..I know where Elliot’s bottom line is. I just want to keep Elliot by my side, as long as Avery doesn’t rob me, I won’t hurt her.”

Nick laughed and said, “If you can’t rob her, you treat Elliot as a commodity. When Elliot wakes up, he can go wherever he wants, and you can’t do anything at all.”

“If he wants to leave, will you help him leave?” Rebecca’s eyes narrowed and wet.

Nick said, “Not only will I help him, but your second and fourth masters will also help him.” Nick looked at her lost face with scheming eyes, “One mountain can’t hold two tigers. Elliot and we are not the same kind of people. And he is too capable. If he stays here, it is a hidden danger for your second master and fourth master. If you cannot become the same kind, you will become opponents.”

“As you say, if Elliot leaves here, Would you attack the Jobin family?” Rebecca’s heart went cold.

“Elliot has already negotiated with them. Some of the benefits your dad swallowed will definitely be spit out. As for the Jobin Industries, we promised that Elliot would not move. What you need to do in the future is to keep the Jobin Industries from outsiders.”

Rebecca lowered her head, tears streaming down her face.

“Do you regret killing your father?” Nick asked.

“So what if I regret it, he won’t survive again.” Rebecca turned her back.

Nick: “Rebecca, listen to my advice again, don’t break up with Lorenzo over Elliot. In case you can’t keep Elliot, it’s not bad to keep Lorenzo. At least he’s here, It can be much easier.”

Rebecca: “Got it.”



In the minimalist villa, the smell of traditional medicine permeates the entire space.

Jun couldn’t stand the smell of medicine, so he went up to the second floor.

As a result, the second floor is also this strong strange smell.

Distraught, he glanced at the sky outside.

It was getting dark, but Tammy hadn’t come back yet.

It has been half a month since Tammy took over the Lynch Group.

In the past half month, she has been home late for at least ten days.

For at least a week, she spent drinking with others outside.

Because of her new appointment, major dealers and customers invited her to dinner one after another. She couldn’t refuse, so her dinner was scheduled a month later.

Jun went to accompany her when he was free, but he also had his own things to do, so it was impossible to accompany her every day.

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