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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1441 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1441 by Desirenovel

Nick was stunned.

Rebecca was also stunned.

The Jobin family bodyguards rushed up immediately when they saw their master being beaten.

Nick walked over and stopped them.

“Don’t worry about their women’s affairs, you two gentlemen. Go to the elevator to guard, don’t let unrelated people break in.” Nick said, and took the two bodyguards out.

The door of the ward was closed, and only Rebecca, Avery and Elliot were left in the room.

“You hit me?” Rebecca covered her face with her hands, her eyes flashing with unbelievable anger.

“Miss Jobin, how did you let Elliot become like this? How dare you use his mobile phone to show off your power with me, and how dare you hide his illness? What are you putting on in your mind? Is he dead? Now, you can still occupy his body and tell me that you two are very loving?”

Rebecca put down her hand and clenched her fist tightly: “He is not dead. The doctor said he will recover. It just takes a little time. That’s it.”

“Who beat him up like this? Is it Lorenzo?” Avery’s eyes flashed with deep hatred, and she asked her, “Why did he beat Elliot? Rebecca, What were you doing? Why were not you stop him?”

Rebecca said, “I didn’t stop Lorenzo.”

“Why do you occupy him now? What face do you have to occupy him? Don’t you feel guilty?” Avery Gritting his teeth.

Rebecca said, “Elliot is not dead. When he recovers, I will treat him well and I will make up for him. If you question me here, how good are you to him? If you are good to him and you are not wrong to him, why would he abandon you and your children to come here? Anyone can accuse me, but you are not qualified.”

Rebecca’s rebuttal made Avery suddenly calmed down.

Now arguing about this was useless.

“Where’s his inspection report? Give it to me.” Avery reached out to Rebecca.

Rebecca’s stiff pestle stayed on the spot and didn’t move.

“I asked you to give me his inspection report. If you can’t speak, get out.” Avery raised her voice a bit and her fingers clenched tightly.

Rebecca blushed when she scolded her face to face: “The inspection report is in the cabinet in front of you. Avery, don’t think that I dare not…”

“You are going to kill me?” Avery glanced at her coldly, then opened the cabinet and took out a stack of examination reports, “Rebecca, are you addicted to murder? If you can’t control yourself, I suggest you go to a psychiatrist. “

Rebecca slammed the door and left.

Nick smokes outside the ward. Seeing Rebecca coming out, he immediately grabbed her.

“Rebecca, I know you don’t want to see Avery, but Avery’s medical skills are really good. Let her stay here and treat Elliot.” Nick persuaded her nicely, “Lorenzo hurt Elliot like this, If there is any root of the disease, it will be miserable.”

Rebecca: “I want Elliot to wake up and see me, not her.”

Nick laughed and said, “Then why don’t you stay in the ward all the time. In this way, Elliot wakes up and sees two of you. I really envy Elliot, the two women are fascinated by him.”

Rebecca: “I’m annoyed when I see Avery.”

Nick: “Avery is even more annoying when she sees you. She can bear it and you also bear it.”

Rebecca: “…”

“By the way, isn’t the child in your belly a test-tube baby? Why did you tell Avery that it was Elliot?” Nick asked this question in a low voice, “Elliot told me personally that your child is not his.”

The corner of Rebecca’s mouth raised a mocking smile: “Why do you think I dare to kill my father in a desperate attempt to kill my father? Because the child in my womb belongs to Elliot. Even if Elliot doesn’t love me, he will still be there for the child in my womb.”

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