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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1438 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1438 by Desirenovel

“Mr. Foster seems to be injured, but I don’t know how. It was the vice president who treated him and kept the whole process confidential. Something happened to the Jobin family, you should be careful. Let’s go.” The doctor approached Avery and whispered.

Avery got up from the chair, and said, “Elliot is injured, I can’t ignore it. Thank you for telling me this. I’ll see you next time.”

The doctor sighed again, “Will you live well? You have to toss. I’ve never seen you so afraid of death.”

Avery: “Don’t worry, I can’t die.”

After Avery finished speaking, she went to Vice President Lewis. But unfortunately Vice President Lewis was not in the hospital today.

Avery had no sleepiness and didn’t want to go back to the hotel, so she called Nick and visited his house.

After Nick received her call, his shocked tone was no less than the doctor’s reaction just now.

After the two met, Nick looked at her as if he were looking at a creature from outer space.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come?” Nick had a headache.

“Isn’t Kyrie dead?” Avery put the bought fruit on the coffee table, “Nick, can you accompany me to the hospital? If you go to Rebecca, she won’t rush you. Let’s go?”

“What if I don’t agree to you?” Nick deliberately made things difficult for her.

Avery: “If you don’t agree, then I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

Nick frowned, “Are you threatening me? Do I owe you? Do you have to find me?”

Avery said: “You don’t owe me, I owe you.”

“Come on, I’ll accompany you on a trip. If this trip doesn’t yield anything, don’t bother me next time.” Nick took a sip of tea.

Avery: “Okay, thank you. Your kindness, I will keep it in my heart.”

Nick: “Don’t put a high hat on me. If it weren’t for your medical skills, I wouldn’t bear you.”

Avery: “I don’t think you are such a person. In the relationship between you and Elliot, you will definitely help me.”

Nick: “Ah, you woman. I told you not to wear a high hat.”

“Okay, Nick, let’s go to the hospital now.” Avery Got up from the sofa, walked up to him and took his arm.

As if struck by lightning, Nick immediately pushed her away: “Don’t do anything to me. That trick you did to Elliot is useless to me.”

Avery: “Would you like to call the hospital first?”

Nick glared at her and said, “What are you calling for? So that Rebecca will know in advance that we are going there and stop us at the hospital gate?”

Avery was stunned: “Is the hospital belongs to the Jobin family?”

Nick: “Yes! The Jobin family is the major shareholder of that hospital.”

Avery felt a little pain in her head. How did she dare to operate in that hospital? If the Jobin family wanted to harm her at that time, they could kill her in minutes.

“Nick, you said on the phone that after Rebecca killed her father, she seems to have changed. What is the specific change?” Avery was more curious. Because she will inevitably have direct contact with Rebecca next.

Nick said, “What was Rebecca like before? You have come into contact with her. She has a bit of a shadow of Kyrie now. Maybe the second brother succeeded in brainwashing her. In short, don’t underestimate her now. Kyrie is dead. After that, everything in the Jobin family fell into her hands.”

“Kyrie gave her all the inheritance?” Avery was a little surprised. Because Kyrie didn’t pay much attention to Rebecca’s attitude before.

Kyrie prioritized sons over daughters. His attitude towards Elliot and Lorenzo during his lifetime was better than that of Rebecca.

“Yes, it must be for his own daughter. And Rebecca is pregnant, and the child will have the surname of the Jobin family.” Nick said.

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