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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1437 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1437 by Desirenovel

Avery put the bread in Robert’s hand. The little guy had snacks, and the tears in his eyes were held back.

Mrs. Cooper returned to the living room and took Robert from her arms.

“Avery, don’t worry! Go early and return early.”

“Well.” Avery strode out of the villa after kissing Robert’s forehead.



Avery came out of the airport and looked at a country that was both familiar and unfamiliar in front of her. Her mood was completely different from last time.

“Boss, let’s go to the hotel to check in first.” The bodyguard said while carrying her suitcase.

“Go to the hospital first. Nick said that Elliot might be injured, but he’s not sure. I want to confirm this.” Avery didn’t fall asleep on the plane because she thought Elliot might be injured, and he wasn’t very injured.

“Boss, you look haggard and vicissitudes of life now. Regardless of whether Elliot is injured or not, I feel that if you don’t get some sleep, you may be hospitalized at any time.”

“Why are the people around me all crowmouths?” Avery sighed. She gave up the idea of ​​going to the hospital immediately, and decided to go to the hotel to take a shower and change her clothes.

“I’m just telling the truth. You should think about it, is it that you usually do your own way.” The bodyguard muttered softly.

Avery: “Are you educating me?”

The bodyguard: “I’m obviously begging you. If you fall ill, I will be very sad.”

Avery: “You will be sad when I die.”

The bodyguard: “Who is the crow’s mouth? Together, Mike and I are no match for the power of your mouth.”

The two quarreled and arrived at the hotel.

After checking in and getting the room card, the two took the elevator to the housekeeping department.

The bodyguard sent her to the room and warned: “If you go out, you must call me. Although Kyrie is dead, Rebecca definitely doesn’t want to see you here.”

“Got it. I’ll take a shower first. Take a shower, go back to your room and rest.” Avery sent the bodyguard out, then closed and locked the door.

About half an hour later, after taking a shower, Avery was about to go to the hospital to inquire about Elliot’s whereabouts.

When she came out of the room, she took out her mobile phone and called the bodyguard. Because when the bodyguard let her out just now, he must call him.

According to her previous habit, she felt that there was no dangerous little thing, and she would definitely do it directly.

But now she decided to get rid of her bad habit.

She dialed the phone and got through, but no one answered. She suspected that the bodyguard might have fallen asleep. Thinking of this, she put away her phone and strode towards the elevator.

In the hospital.

Avery found her former attending doctor and presented the fruits and flowers she had bought.

When the doctor saw her, his jaw dropped: “Ms. Tate, haven’t you returned to Aryadelle? Why are you here again?”

“I came here to thank you.” Avery sat down in the chair and said, “If not With your superb medical skills, how can I be healthy now?”

The doctor got goosebumps: “Ms. Tate, don’t mess around with me, what the h-e-l-l are you coming to me, tell me directly.”

“Elliot, is injured, right? Where is he being treated?” Avery said nervously.

The doctor shook his head and sighed: “I knew that you came to me, it must be the drunkard’s intention not to drink.”

Avery: “Just tell me. There are still patients queuing outside.”

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