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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1436 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1436 by Desirenovel

She wanted to go to the airport immediately and take the nearest flight to Yonroeville, but after thinking about it, she held back.

She has to talk to her daughter first. Otherwise, her daughter will definitely be heartbroken.

Before the change, she must have ignored it and rushed to Yonroeville, but now, she can’t do that anymore.

During this time, the things Avery has experienced have made her grow a lot. She can’t always just focus on her own emotions and ignore the feelings of others.

This is true for children, and the same is true for Elliot.

The next morning.

Avery got up early, went to the children’s room, and called Layla up.

“Layla, your dad is injured, and mom has to go see him.” Avery sat beside the bed and discussed with her daughter, “I’ll bring him back this time when I go there.”

Layla’s sleepy eyes were open and she didn’t react: “Oh…”

Avery continued, “Mom bought a plane ticket this morning. After sending you to school, mom will go out. After mom leaves, Uncle Mike will come and stay. You have What’s the matter, you can tell Uncle Mike, you can also tell Uncle Eric…”

“What? Mom, are you leaving?” Layla was completely sober.

Avery: “Yeah, mom just told you that your dad was hurt.”

“How did he get hurt? Is it serious?” Layla looked worried.

“Mom doesn’t know yet. I’ll find out after I’ve passed it.” Avery brought over the clothes that her daughter was going to wear today, “Don’t worry, the worst person is dead, and mom won’t be in danger.”

“Kyrie died?” Layla asked in surprise.

Avery: “Yes! Who told you his name?”

“Uncle Mike told me.” Layla’s mood suddenly improved, “The bad guy is finally dead. Mom, can I go to Yonroeville too.”

“Haha, baby, you have to go to school.” Avery took off her pajamas and put on her skirt, “It’s not fun over there. Wait for Mom to go and bring Dad back. We’ll never go there again.”

“Of course. Mom will miss you and your brother, Robert.” After sending her daughter out, Avery returned to her room to pack her luggage.

Mrs. Cooper walked into the bedroom with Robert in her arms.

“Avery, will it be dangerous for you to pass this time?” Mrs. Cooper was very worried.

Avery said, “No. Kyrie is dead. Now Kyrie has only one daughter, Rebecca, Elliot’s wife in Yonroeville. I have dealt with Rebecca, but she is a childish child. I’m not afraid of her.”

Mrs. Cooper: “I still have to plan for the worst.”

“When Kyrie dies, I don’t know how many people are thinking about the Jobin family’s property. Rebecca now has wolves and tigers. If she wants to deal with me, I can ask Nick to help me.” Avery returned after thinking it over.

Mrs. Cooper: “Well. Call home when you arrive.”

Avery: “Okay.”

Avery packed her luggage and prepared to go out with her suitcase.

Robert looked at his mother about to leave, and seemed to realize something. Suddenly, the little guy exclaimed, “Mom! Woo!”

He struggled to get down from Mrs. Cooper’s arms, ran to Avery, and hugged Avery’s leg.

Avery’s peaceful heart was disturbed. She wanted to laugh and coax her son, but her eyes suddenly became wet.

“Robert, mom will be back soon.” Avery put down the luggage, picked up her son, and looked at his big eyes, “Mom will pick up dad. Then mom and dad will play with you, okay?”

Robert pouted and hugged her neck tightly with both hands, refusing to let her go.

Mrs. Cooper silently carried her luggage into the yard and put it in the trunk.

Avery hugged her son, went to get a bag of bread and opened it: “Baby, you are good at home. Mom will come back to play with you soon. Mom will make video calls for you every day, okay?”

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