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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1431 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1431 by Desirenovel

Layla’s mouth is shriveled: “You ask my mother this question.”

“I’m not embarrassed?” The executive said with a smile, “I’m afraid to ask your mother, your mother is sad.”

“But you ask me, I’m sad too.” Layla looked sad.

“You miss your father, right?” The executive was persuasive. “He told me many times before, he said he loved you very much. He said he wanted to make a lot of money and spend it for you.”

Layla: “Really, what else did he say?”

“Actually, your dad doesn’t like to express his feelings very much, but every time he talks about you, he is very excited. He said he prefers his daughter.”

Layla’s nose slightly acid.

“Would you like to call your father? If you take the initiative to call him, he must be very happy.” The executive continued, “Your mother will bring her brother tonight, you can ask your mother to get the phone over and give it to your father Make a call.”

“Uncle, are you trying to talk to my dad on the phone?” Layla saw his intentions.

The executive blushed slightly and nodded: “I have joined your father’s company since I returned to Aryadelle. I have a good relationship with your father.”

“Oh…then I will go to my mother for a mobile phone.” Layla After agreeing, she immediately walked towards Avery.

Avery took Robert to chat with other women with children.

“Mom, let me play with your cell phone.” Layla walked to Avery and reached out to her for her mobile phone.

Without thinking, Avery took out her mobile phone and handed it to her daughter.

“What do you want mom’s phone to play with?” Avery asked Layla.

“I’ll call dad,” Layla said, taking her phone and walking away.

After Layla walked away, a female employee of the Sterling Group who was standing next to Avery said, “Do you have such a good relationship with President Foster?”

“Elliot dotes on her very much. It’s just that when I and Elliot quarrel sometimes, she will stand by my side. But she still likes this father very much in her heart.”

“Few people can reject the charm of President Foster. He just stood there, no If you talk, you can fascinate a lot of people.” The female employee laughed, and continued, “In recent years, many companies have poached me and offered me a higher salary than President Foster, but I didn’t quit.”

“Because you are not short of money?”

“Hahaha! Not lack of money is one aspect, and I feel more at ease working with President Foster. Maybe I’m used to working in my comfort zone, so I don’t want to move.”

“Well, that’s how people are. When Elliot was together at the beginning, he quarreled every day, and it took a while to settle in. After that, he couldn’t fall in love with other men. I think it may be what you said, and he didn’t want to spend any more energy to adapt to new men.”

“Avery, it’s enough for you to have our President Foster. You don’t need to look at other men. You don’t know how much the female employees of our company envy you.”

“Well, it’s enough for me to have him.” She was very content. The only hope now is that Elliot can return home smoothly.

After Layla took Avery’s mobile phone, she walked to the executive.

The executive took Layla to a quiet place to make a phone call.

Layla turned on her phone, clicked on the address book, found Dad’s number, and dialed.

“Layla, you usually play with your mother’s phone, right? You’re very skilled.” The executive said with a smile, feeling a little excited.

Layla explained, “I have a cell phone myself, I just didn’t bring it. My brother bought it for me.”

Layla frowned, “Outside, my dad’s under control. Every time he calls me secretly. He’s such an idiot, he has to go outside and suffer.”

“Just wait until he returns home.”

Layla responded, staring at the phone screen without blinking.

The phone was dialed, it was connected, but no one answered.

Just when Layla thought the call would not be connected, an unfamiliar voice came from the other end of the phone—

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