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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1428 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1428 by Desirenovel

After drinking this small bowl of soup, Kyrie lay down and closed his eyes after a while.

“You guys go out first. I want to be alone with my dad for a while.” Rebecca said to Lorenzo.

Lorenzo and the nanny immediately withdrew.

The door of the ward closed, and Rebecca’s tears fell. She poisoned her own father with her own hands. When she came over, she didn’t actually make up her mind. She didn’t have to give her father the soup in the insulation box.

It was outside the ward when she heard what her father said to her, which made her want to kill.

–In the eyes of her father, Rebecca was just a waste.

–Who would want to admit that he is a rubbish who knows nothing?

–Since her father looked down on her so much, she didn’t have to be soft-hearted.

The second master received a call from Rebecca, and when he learned that Kyrie had passed away, the second master laughed.

“Rebecca, I knew you could do it for sure. Just wait, I’ll ask Elliot to find you later.” The second master hung up the phone.

“Elliot, have you heard it? Rebecca killed Kyrie.” The second master looked at Elliot who was sitting on the sofa, “Don’t look at Rebecca’s young age, she is Kyrie’s daughter after all. There is still a ruthlessness.”

Elliot was called by his second brother last night to talk about something.

As a result, it was forced to stay here. Because the second brother learned that Kyrie was discharged from the hospital today, he thought of this strategy.

Kyrie was suspicious by nature, and it was almost impossible for others to attack him. Only Rebecca was the easiest to attack him without any consequences.

“I’ll accompany you to the hospital.” The second masster saw Elliot’s cold face, so he walked over to him and spoke.


In the hospital.

After Rebecca finished the phone call, she walked to the door of the ward and opened the door.

“Lorenzo, come in. I have something to tell you.” Rebecca’s eyes were red and she looked very sad.

Lorenzo was puzzled: “Isn’t adoptive father resting? Let’s talk outside.”

“Come in.” Rebecca took his arm.

Lorenzo was stunned for a moment, then entered the ward and glanced at the hospital bed.

Rebecca closed the door of the ward.

“Lorenzo, will you kill me?” Rebecca asked.

“Rebecca, how did you say such a thing? How could I hurt you?” Lorenzo looked at her in shock, “Why are you crying? What happened? Did the adoptive father tell you?”

Rebecca shook her head, told the truth with difficulty: “My dad is dead. I poisoned the soup.”

Lorenzo suddenly changed his face.

“Lorenzo, will you kill me? Answer me!” Rebecca clenched his arm tightly, “Although my dad often scolds you, he raised you and treats you much better than outsiders. You will definitely avenge him, right?”

“Are you crazy?” Lorenzo shook her hand away, “Rebecca, did Elliot ask you to do this? Did he instigate you to do this? “

No…it has nothing to do with Elliot.” Rebecca choked, “Second Master and Fourth Master kidnapped Elliot…”

“You killed your father for Elliot? Rebecca, do you really think that your second master and fourth master kidnapped Elliot? They have a good personal relationship. They are acting in a play and they are lying to you.” Lorenzo’s eyes were scarlet and his fists were tightly clenched, “I want Kill Elliot and avenge the adoptive father.”

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