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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1426 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1426 by Desirenovel

In the hospital.

Kyrie was lying on the hospital bed, infusion. This morning, he had an infusion and an examination in the afternoon. If there no no major problem, he could go home for treatment.

After Lorenzo called Rebecca, he walked towards the smoking room. After calming down, he returned to the ward.

Kyrie glanced at Lorenzo and asked, “Why hasn’t Rebecca here yet?”

“Rebecca said that he was waiting for the nanny to cook the soup, and said he would bring soup for you to drink later.” Lorenzo sat down beside the hospital bed, ” She might bring Elliot here.”

Kyrie narrowed his eagle eyes, “Hmph, she sent me a message last night. That’s why I asked you if they were here.”

“I see. Maybe she waited for Elliot to come together.” Lorenzo guessed.

Kyrie snorted coldly: “Whether Elliot comes or not, I won’t give him a good face. I trust him so much better than you, I almost gave him my heart but he turned out to betray me.”

Lorenzo was distracted for some reason. He remembered the words Kyrie questioned him.

Kyrie glared at him and asked, “What are you thinking? I have no one available now, so you have to fight for me.”

Lorenzo said, “Adoptive father, I will do whatever you want me to do. It’s just you and If Elliot’s relationship continues to stalemate, Rebecca will definitely be very sad. She is pregnant now, and if she is in a bad mood, it will not be good for the child.”

Kyrie roared angrily, “You feel bad for her. Why is my relationship with Elliot not good? It’s not because she’s incompetent. If she was like Avery and held Elliot tightly, would Elliot watch others assassinate me and be indifferent?”

Lorenzo: “Adoptive father, Rebecca and Elliot just got married not long ago, so they must not fall in love so quickly. Give Rebecca a little more time. “

Kyrie said with disgust, “I think so too, so I didn’t scold her face to face? She’s not worse than Avery, but her ability and skills are far worse than Avery. If she has Avery With half of my brain, I wouldn’t want to find an outsider to be my heir.”

Lorenzo: “Adoptive father, Rebecca is still young.”

“What a small one. A person’s ability can be seen from a young age. Rebecca has no core leadership. She’s only suitable for being a doll for people to play with, just like her, if I don’t find her a capable husband, she won’t be able to keep the country I made.”

Outside the ward, Rebecca was carrying the insulation box, her body trembling uncontrollably. She didn’t expect that her father would treat her like this in her heart. Her father had never commented on her face to face before.

Every time She talk about her, She basically praise her. Compliment her sensible, praise her caring.

No wonder the second master said that her father never thought of giving her the right of inheritance. Because in her father’s mind, she is just a doll for people to play with.

“Miss, come in.” The nanny sent Rebecca here.

The nanny also heard what Kyrie said.

But for the nanny, no matter what Kyrie said about Rebecca, Rebecca shouldn’t be angry. Because without Kyrie, there would be no Rebecca’s current life.

Hearing the movement outside the ward, Lorenzo strode out.

Seeing Rebecca’s sullen face, Lorenzo immediately reached out and grabbed her arm: “Rebecca, when did you come here? Why didn’t you come in?”

Rebecca twitched the corner of her mouth, trying her best to regain her superficial calm: “I just came.”

“Well…the adoptive father just asked why you haven’t come yet.” Lorenzo wanted to take the insulation box from her, but Rebecca refused.

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