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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1424 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1424 by Desirenovel

Rebecca couldn’t help but think back to the last time she met Elliot last night. She said at the time that she would go to the hospital with him to pick up Kyrie today, but Elliot did not agree.

She thought that Elliot didn’t agree, and it wasn’t a rejection. But she didn’t expect that he didn’t agree at the time, it meant rejection.

Moreover, Elliot hardly ever took the initiative to look at any part of her body, but last night he stared at Rebecca’s belly.

He behaved strangely last night, but Rebecca didn’t notice the abnormality in time.

It was very possible that Elliot left at night. Otherwise his bed would not be so flat.

The strength in Rebecca body seemed to be taken away, and her whole body was like a headless fly, losing her direction.

–How could Elliot do this?

–Even if Elliot want to leave, at least say goodbye to her.

Rebecca tears fell down. She didn’t know how she got downstairs.

Seeing Rebecca’s lost soul, the nanny immediately supported her.

“Miss, why are you crying? Isn’t Mr. Foster in the room?” The nanny helped her to sit on the sofa, “I’ll go up and have a look.”

“He’s left.” Rebecca took the nanny’s arm, “Elliot was last night. He didn’t sleep in the room at all, when did he leave last night? Do you know?”

The nanny looked blank: “I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything.” After a pause, the nanny said, “I’ll let the security guard. Check the surveillance at the door.”

After finishing speaking, the nanny walked out immediately.

Rebecca turned on the phone and looked through the address book. When she saw Lorenzo’s number, a terrible thought suddenly popped into her mind.

Elliot will not disappear without any reason. But he just disappeared.

Is it possible…that the father was so angry that he was taken away?

Thinking of this, her fingers trembled, and she planned to call Lorenzo to ask.

Just then, a phone call came. Without hesitation, Rebecca answered the phone.

“Rebecca, it’s me.” There was a rough voice over the phone, “Your second master.”

Rebecca was stunned for a moment, then immediately asked: “Second master, Elliot is left. Do you know where Elliot went? I can’t get through to him.”

Second master: “Rebecca, don’t panic. I know where he is.”

Rebecca exhaled suddenly and calmed down: “Second Master, is Elliot mad at my father and want to go back to Aryadelle?”

The second master said, “No, he was kidnapped by us. I called him last night and asked him out to talk about something, and then I kidnapped him. To be precise, except for me and your fourth master.”

Rebecca was shocked: “Second master, why did you kidnap Elliot? Did Elliot offend you? Or because my dad offended you?”

“Rebecca, I’ll give you a day’s work.” the second master’s voice came coldly, “Either you go and kill your father, or I kill Elliot.”

There was a buzzing voice in Rebecca’s mind. She exclaimed: “Why?”

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