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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1421 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1421 by Desirenovel

“Recently, I need to practice my body first. The agent that Hayden hired for me is so strict. First of all, the diet must be completely in accordance with her plan. Second, she stares at me every day when I exercise, for fear that I will be lazy. You know why she is so strict? What Hayden talked about with her was that if I can become popular, then I will give her ten times the salary.” Gwen said this and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Avery: “This can indeed motivate her to be good.”

Gwen: “Well, you said Hayden is so small, why is his brain so flexible?”

Avery: “Maybe… born!”

After talking on the phone, Avery went to the bodyguard and Robert. She walked to the fountain and saw Robert standing next to a pink children’s bicycle.

The little guy grabbed the handle of the bicycle with both hands, pouted, and stared at the bodyguard.

Beside him, a little girl screamed at Robert in a hurry.

Robert was not afraid at all.

The bodyguard coaxed Robert, “Hey little ancestor, this is Miss Sister’s bicycle. Shall we give it back to Miss Sister?”

Robert held on to the bicycle tightly and didn’t let go. He felt that as long as he got what he got, it was his.

“Hey, this kid’s grandma, should I buy this bike?” The bodyguard took out his wallet and planned to use the money to solve the problem.

Avery came over immediately and stopped the bodyguard.

“Robert, this is Miss Sister’s bicycle, not yours.” Avery walked up to Robert and squatted down, reasoning with him, “You are still young, you can’t ride a bicycle. When you are older, your mom will buy a bicycle for you.”

Because her voice was gentle, Robert let go of the bike after thinking for a while and threw herself into her arms.

“You are really your mother’s good baby.” Avery hugged Robert and looked at the little girl, “Little girl, what’s your name? your Brother, Robert didn’t mean to steal your bicycle. He may think your bicycle is very beautiful, so he likes it very much. Auntie apologizes to you, don’t you get angry, okay?”

The little girl smiled because her bicycle was praised for her beauty.

“My name is Cora, I can take my brother to play with.” The little girl immediately got on the bike and patted the seat behind, “Brother Robert, come up.”

Seeing that Robert wanted to go up, Avery carried him to the The back seat: “Robert, hold your elder sister, be careful to fall down.”

Robert immediately hugged Cora’s waist tightly.

After Cora rode away in the car, Cora’s grandmother asked Avery: “Does your husband live here now? I haven’t seen you out for a walk in a while.”

Avery: “Well, he will be back after a while. “

Cora’s grandmother: Some people say you broke up, I don’t believe it. You two are in such a good relationship, and the child is so beautiful, even if it is for the sake of the child, it is impossible to break up.”

Avery: “Well, I’m sorry just now. I almost cried.”

Cora’s grandmother: “It’s okay, children are like this. My granddaughter robbed other people’s things before. It’s better to be bigger.”


At 8 p.m., Avery took Robert home.

“Mom! Why are you coming back now?” Layla has already finished tutoring, “Dad just called the video call.”

Avery was stunned: “Did you pick it up?”

“Then I’ll call him now.” Avery took out her mobile phone and dialed Elliot’s number.

Before she can make a video with him, she must first confirm that it is convenient for him to receive the video call now.

The call was made and was quickly connected.

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