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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1419 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1419 by Desirenovel

“Okay. I’ll call her at night.” Avery suddenly thought of a question, “Are you really messing with Elliot at that time?”

Ben: “Yes! I secretly took a picture of you and sent it to him.”

“What did he say?” There was a jumping light in Avery’s eyes.

Ben: “He said you were beautiful.”

“You lied to me. He wouldn’t talk like that.” Avery didn’t believe it at all.

Ben Schaffer asked, “Then what do you think he will say when he sees your photo?”

Avery thought for a while and said, “He probably won’t say anything about my photos.”

Ben: “Hahahaha! You still know him. But he didn’t say anything, he must have thought something.”

“If it was before, I might be able to guess what he was thinking, but now, I can’t guess him.” Although Avery couldn’t guess him, she didn’t care.

As long as Elliot comes back and comes back to her side, that’s enough.

The two came out of the hotel, got into the same car, and went to the Tate Industries together.



Elliot brought Rebecca to the wedding banquet hosted by the second brother.

Today was the day when the second brother’s grandson was born. Rebecca entered the banquet hall and went to see the baby.

“Elliot, is Kyrie still ignoring you?” the second brother asked.

Nick laughed, and said, “Not only did he ignore Elliot, he also ignored me. I went to the hospital to see him the day before yesterday and was stopped by Lorenzo.”

The fourth brother laughed and said, “Hahaha! You two are so stupid. I don’t blame Kyrie for hating the two of you.”

Nick said, “He hates me, I don’t care. Anyway, I broke up with him a long time ago. It’s Elliot, It’s not good to deal with him.”

“Elliot, Rebecca listens to you like this, so let Rebecca help you.” The second brother leaned into Elliot’s ear and whispered, “Women are for use. If you don’t use her, wait until Kyrie. If you reuse Lorenzo in the future, you will be very passive. Kyrie has been hospitalized twice, maybe he will make a will in advance.”

“Rebecca is pregnant now, I can’t force her to do such a thing.” Elliot said calmly.

“You think you don’t get along with Kyrie, how good would it be for her to be caught in the middle?” The second brother patted his shoulder and continued, “Consider my proposal, if you can’t be ruthless, I can help you.”

Just when Elliot was about to speak, the fourth brother said first: “Elliot, don’t rush to refuse. When dealing with Kyrie, you can’t be indecisive. Don’t you want to go back to Aryadelle earlier to see your wife and children? You drag on like this. When Kyrie is discharged from the hospital, you will have less chance to start.”

Rebecca hugged the newborn baby and found a few eyes swept towards her.

She looked over immediately—

the second master, the third master, and the fourth master were looking at her, only Elliot was drinking with a wine glass.

The little baby’s grandmother said with a smile, “Rebecca, they must be talking about you. I guess They were guessing whether the baby in your belly is a boy or a girl.”

Rebecca blushed: “Elliot doesn’t seem to be very happy. “

“I heard that he had a conflict with your father. Rebecca, you have to help him talk more in front of your father, otherwise he will be unhappy here, and he will want to go back to Aryadelle.”

“My father won’t let me.” Rebecca said helplessly, “I don’t know what to do now. Except for the baby in my belly, I don’t seem to have anything to rely on.”

The little baby’s grandmother said, “Don’t think so. How old is the baby inside?”

Rebecca smiled, “The baby is two months old.”

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