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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1418 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1418 by Desirenovel

“Elliot is no longer the boss of Sterling Group, don’t you know about this?” Another reporter said, “now the boss of Sterling Group is called Adrian. Do you want to embarrass Elliot by asking someone to contact Elliot? “

Ah this… I saw that President Schaffer was breaking news with Elliot, so I thought…” The reporter who asked the first question blushed embarrassedly.

He thought that although the Sterling Group was not Elliot on the surface, it was still Elliot in private.

Otherwise, why would Ben Schaffer chat with Elliot at the press conference?

“President Tate, please continue to talk about the next layout of the Tate Industries. Regarding the pricing of its products, as well as the next development issues. I believe that everyone is very concerned about this series of issues.” Another reporter put the topic on the topic and get back on track.

Avery took a sip of water, adjusted her mood, and said again: “About our previous products, the pricing will be lowered. After the press conference, everyone will be able to see the new lowered prices.”

“I believe everyone is very concerned about it . The next development issues of our company. After the capital injection of the Sterling Group, we will hire a new R&D team. This is a very mature team, and the team members will be disclosed to you at the right time. I believe their arrival will open the door to everyone. A more exciting technological life.”

When Wanda saw this, her temples suddenly ached, and her heart beat violently.

Avery will hire a new R&D team?

Wanda hadn’t heard of this at all, so she was a little shocked to know the news suddenly.

“Hurry up and notify the executives of various departments to have a meeting in the conference room.” Wanda couldn’t sit still but gave order.

The assistant took the order and immediately went to call to notify.

After a while, the assistant pushed open the door and came in: “Ms. Tate, the R&D department has collectively asked for leave.”

Wanda: “What?”

The assistant: “Those people you hired at a high price have collectively asked for leave today.”

Wanda’s face turned pale and purple. She has realized that the team she hired with high salary was poached by Avery. D*mn it. She didn’t expect Avery to do this trick behind her back.

No, Avery doesn’t have the brain and the courage at all. It must have been dug by the Sterling Group.

At the end of the press conference, Avery’s cell phone rang. She took out her mobile phone and saw that Wanda was calling, and immediately answered: “Ms. Tate, what are you doing?”

Wanda yelled, “When did you hook up with the Sterling Group? You’ve done a good job of keeping secrets. You think you can win by poaching my team? Haha! I, Wanda, can survive until today, but I won’t be defeated so easily by you. Wait for me, I won’t let you and those who betrayed me. “

Avery was too lazy to waste her words with her, so she hung up the phone.

“Wanda is calling?” Ben Schaffer came over, saw her frown slightly, and guessed.

Avery: “Yeah. She watched our press conference, so she was furious.”

“Don’t worry about her.” Ben Schaffer put his palm on her shoulder and changed the topic lightly, “Do you have any connection with Gwen?”

Avery: “Why did you suddenly mention her?”

“Uh…she pulled me into the blacklist. Last time she said she pulled me out, but I haven’t been pulled out yet.” Ben Schaffer was pulled into the blacklist for the first time. The list is always on my mind, “Why don’t you help me talk about it and let her pull me out?”

Avery thought for a few seconds and nodded in agreement, “Do you want to be her friend? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?”

“If she doesn’t want to be my friend, I can leave her alone. But she is Elliot’s sister after all. I’m afraid that she will have any difficulties in life in the future. Maybe I can help her.” Ben Schaffer stated his intention.

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