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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1410 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1410 by Desirenovel

Avery nodded. She can accept the stake of Sterling Group, but she is afraid of affecting Sterling Group.

–What if the money from the Sterling Group comes in and it loses all of it?

–Although the Sterling Group is not owned by Elliot now, it will definitely return to Elliot in the future. In her heart, the only boss of the Sterling Group has always been Elliot.

Avery: “Ben Schaffer, let me tell you the truth, the problem our company is facing now is the fault of technology research and development.”

Ben answered indifferently, “Do you think I would not know? Before Elliot called me, I already know the problems your company is facing. If you want to defeat Wanda’s Wonder Technologies, you can’t stop a single production line. Moreover, you have to fight her price war. You will either drag her to death or be killed by her. There is no other way to drag it to death.”

Ben Schaffer’s words made Avery feel a little colder.

Avery frowned: “That would cost a lot of money…Wanda has pulled a lot of investors to give her money…”

“Indeed. So now only the Sterling Group can save you. Ben Schaffer picked up the water glass, and when he saw that the water in the glass was empty, he immediately handed the water glass to Mike, “Can’t you bring me a big glass to get water for me?”

Mike: “I’d better get you some coffee, Wait a minute. After you chat with Avery, I will call the executives and let’s meet together.”

Ben Schaffer raised his eyebrows, “Avery has not agreed to accept our shareholding. You can’t wait to be taken over by us?”

“What to take over? Even if you buy shares, the management rights are in our hands, right? You shouldn’t take away the management rights, right? D*mn it!” Mike glared at Ben.

Ben Schaffer mocked, “Hehe, look at what your management looks like? The management power can be given to you, but we have the right to supervise. If you don’t manage well, we have the right to take over.”

“You are kicking your nose. Why don’t you just buy our company at one price?” Mike asked.

Ben Schaffer said, “Hehehe, even if we want to invest, we will only invest in Wonder Technologies. If it weren’t for the relationship between Elliot and Avery, do you think the Sterling Group would be in this troubled water?”

Mike: “!!! “

Avery blushed in embarrassment and looked at Mike at the same time, telling him to stop talking.

Ben Schaffer also looked at him: “Go get me a glass of water. Why are you so hot here? Is the air conditioner not turned on?”

Avery immediately picked up the air conditioner remote control and wanted to lower the temperature.

“Forget it, I’ll be fine when it’s hot, don’t freeze you.” Ben Schaffer put the remote control back on the table and said, “I’ll just drink more water.”

Avery said, “Brother Schaffer, let’s talk. Is there anything else to say about Sterling Group’s stake? Now almost all of our core technologies have been stolen by Wonder Technologies. Even if there is capital injection, it will be difficult to compete with Wonder Technologies.”

“Isn’t that easy? She stole your core technology, so let’s steal her core team?” Ben Schaffer narrowed his fox eyes, “As long as the Tate Industries and the Sterling Group reach an in-depth cooperation, I’m afraid they won’t be able to dig it out. Human?”

Avery was stunned. She really didn’t expect to do this.

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