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When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 704

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 704

Everyone’s gaze landed on Elliot. He took his phone out and saw who was calling.

“It’s Chelsea.” Elliot looked at Avery and said before picking up the call.

On the other end of the line, Chelsea hesitated for two seconds before saying, “Elliot, I heard that Avery has given birth. I thought about it and felt that I should visit her. I’m at the entrance of the inpatient unit. I wonder which ward she is in.”

Elliot strode away. Mike teased, “How dare Chelsea call him. Don’t tell me she wants to visit99 you?”

Avery’s expressions turned extremely cold. She did not want to see Chelsea , she only wanted her to die.

“Layla, Hayden, stay in the room. I’ll go have a look.” Mike’s nosy attitude was piqued. Other than prying, Mike wanted to put pressure on3c Elliot.

Chelsea and Elliot have known each other for more than ten years. They were exceptionally close. If not, Chelsea would not have been able to do so many bad things so brazenly.

Avery was only caused to have premature labor. Thankfully it was only premature labor. If it was a miscarriage, Chelsea would have died a thousand times14 over!

Chelsea stood in the lobby of the inpatient unit. She looked at the lift. A moment later, the doors to the lift slowly opened and Elliot walked out of the lift with gusto.

Chelsea quickly collected her emotions. When Elliot was in front of her, her eyes reddened, and she lookedga remorseful.

“Elliot, I’m sorry, I’ve looked into it. Nora was the one who did it.”

Chelsea barely finished her sentence when Elliot slapped her. The slap came unannounced! It was a hard slap too. Chelsea could not bear it. She felt as if her soul left her body from the slap! The love-hate relationship waso comical!

“I didn’t do it! Why did you slap me?” Chelsea clutched her face and yelled uncontrollably, “Elliot, when nothing happens, you never see me! When things happen, you blame it all on me! Do you have any conscience!”
“Without your support, how would Nora dare to take action? I never exposed you, but you don’t have to treat me like an idiot!” Elliot’s darkened gaze was glimmering with a thirst for blood.
He went in closer to her. He dug his hands deep into her head and pulled her hair. “Why are you here? To see my prematurely born son?”
His voice was low and sinister. It sounded like the devil.
Elliot pulled her by the hair and headed out. It was like pulling the lowliest of animals!

Chelsea was in so much pain tears swelled in her eyes. From the corner of her eyes, she could see a crowd watching.

Elliot’s footsteps were quick. Chelsea was wearing heels. She could barely keep up with him. She fumbled and fell to the ground. However, Elliot did not plan on helping her up. Her fall made him even more disgusted with her.

He pulled her even harder, planning to drag her out of the hospital. It was as if her presence there would affect Avery’s recovery!

Chelsea was afraid that her scalp would be damaged by his pulling. She could only wail aggrievedly and quickly crawl with both hands.

When Mike came out of the lift, he saw this scene.

He was so shocked he remained in the same spot. He forgot his intention there.

When Mike checked up on Elliot, the information he got showed that Elliot was cruel and heartless. However, Chad has always reminded him and subconsciously beautified this man, which made Mike think that Elliot was a normal person.

It was until that moment, when he saw Elliot throwing Chelsea into the rain as if he was taking the trash out!

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